Weight gain on Anastrozole

Anyone noticed their tummy has expanded? I’ve been taking Anastrozole for a year now and no matter what I do I cannot seem to get my weight down.

I joined weight watchers online and the weight I lose is literally 0.5lb every two weeks. I have to REALLY watch what I eat and portion sizes have to be small. It’s taken me since January to lose 5lb. 

My tummy is also big, I could be 3 months pregnant. I knew it was going to be tough but boy it’s a nightmare.

Im 54 

Hi Louby-lou69

It is a challenge isn’t it. I’ve been on anastrazole for 3 months now and the weight is definitely beginning to creep up, especially around the middle. Unfortunately my spare tyre looks more like hamster cheeks (after a previous midline laparotomy/hysterectomy!)

Just finished RT last month so gradually building up the exercise which will hopefully help. I’ve always kept reasonably fit and active but agree tummy weight can be hard to shift. 

One thing that did work extremely well (before my diagnosis) was cutting the carbs. I eat a plant based Mediterranean diet normally, but had great success following Dr Michael Moseley’s FAST800 Mediterranean keto diet (for a max 12 weeks). It was very easy to do, much easier than his original 5:2 diet. 

I have a biochemistry/medical science background - this one really resonates with me, its easy to maintain  and I plan to do again soon just to keep things in check (once everything settles down post RT). Probably best to double check with your oncologist before embarking on any restrictive diet (which I’m sure you have).

Best of luck with WW and any other measures you take.