Weight gain

Hello everyone,

I posted a comment re weight gain a few months ago and I said that went to see a dietician. She told me to go on the slimmers world diet as i have put on 2 stone and weight should come off. Well weight hasnt come off infact i have been following the diet so strictly i have only lost half a pound in6 weeks!

I really really want to lose this weight so if anyone has tips how to lose while on tamoxifen or zoladex i would be really greatful. I feel disgusting!


I can’t really help, I’m afraid. Just wanted to let you know that I understand your frustration. I was overweight before all of this and the last few months the weight has piled on. Well done on starting a diet. I haven’t even got that far yet. I feel hungry all the time and feel off colour if I do not eat regularly! Try not to beat yourself upo about this. It really isn’t your fault. When I went to one of the information days a few weeks ago, the doctor said people going through the menopause naturally but on at least a stone. She recommended eating regularly (3 hourly snacks) which should help control symptoms and weight! She also recommended eating sweet potatoes, buckwheat, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, new potatoes. She also recommended pulses, beans, oats and soya. As well as the obvious fruit and veg also recommended milk, yoghurt, cheese and sardines. I think this is suppose to control blood sugar levels and help you to loose weight.
I have started eating these foods and feel a bit better but the choc and pizza are stopping me loosing weight.
I am going to try the online weight watchers as I had a lot of success on this in the past. There are lots of recipes for simple to make soups which are really low fat. I will let you know if I have any success. Good luck and remember even small loses mean you are not putting weight on which is a very important step ahead of me!

Dear all,
Sherbert great advice ref. food choices. Good to know this is yet another bloody side effect of zolodex and tamoxifen! Sorry I can not give advice but can only empathize. I have always been thin and sensible with my eating but for the first time in my life i spend my whole day thinking about or eating food! I have never felt this hungry and I have also developed a sweet tooth and crave chocolate!!! I find it so frustrating and confusing that my body is no longer the same ie surgery, chemo loss of hair and sore capsulation due to radio but also getting fat and skin horrendous etc. Maybe i can apply for stomach band to add to my operations! ha ha! Nothing is the same as before even my food tastes! Maybe the solution is to just be fat and ugly and be greatful to be healthy! there are more important things in life! Perhaps us single girls can get a t shirt printed explaining why we look so awful!!! ( presuming some of you dont look as good as you looked before).
Good luck to you both on the losing weight,love and respect, lipstick

yes, I have put on 2.5 stone since dx a year ago and chemo. I am on arimidex and being menopausal has certainly made the weight harder to shift. I used to be very slim so it is horrible being in a much bigger body. I do crave chocolate and after work I am so tired and fed up I eat loads of it as a comfort. i am in a situation where I have to work full time (financial) and I am really struggling with it(my job is very stressful)I am going to really to try to cut fatty food out or reduce the intake of it. I think the psychological element of the weight gain is underestimated. It is very easy for others to advice us to do this and that. I have certainly noticed it is much harder to lose weight than befor bc and its treatment. I hope I get some results. Good luck to everyone out there trying to get rid of their chemo and/or arimidex/tamoxifam weight.


Surely there must be something that helps - it is so hard to keep on going when the only advice available seems to be ‘get on with it’. i don’t want to get on with it - I want to do something about it!

Dear Rachy
I have the utmost respect for you for working full time! I am struggling to find a part time job!!! i want to say to you eat as much bloody chocolate as you like because life is too short for you to not enjoy the simple pleasures of life-so enjoy! However i also know how awful it feels to not be your usual weight! You are so right when you say that psychologically it is alot tougher than others think. I think that is because its another loss of control that we had and another change that we dont bloody want! So whats the solution??? set yourself a realistic task of moderate chocolate consumption and weight loss that takes in to consideration that your body is not the same as it used to be!!! Scooterbabe the same applies. Excercise, cut out the crappy foods and follow the healthy eating plan and most importantly be kind and understanding with your body. (easier said than done eh!? especially when there is so much anger around all these unwanted changes)
take care lipstick

Dear Scooterbabe,
So sorry just saw your comment on other page and have seen you have tried it all so ignore my last comments and if you find any supplements that help do let us all know.
good luck, lipstick

Thanks for your comments everyone, im still just going to keep plodding along with diet and excersise. My BC nurse said those who excersise 4 times a wk for half hour have less reucurance…so ill just keep plodding on! Not on these pills forever!