Weight Gain!!!

Is it just me or do most people seem to gain weight with Chemo?! I seemed to have put on a stone since starting treatment and i’m not really eating alot either.

I find it so frustrating as it took me 2 years to shift 4 and a half stone and now a stone of that has gone back on.

Anyone got any useful suggestions/ideas of how to keep weight down or actually lose a bit sensibly whilst on chemo?!

Loopy xxx

Not really, I put on a stone too. Some people do lose weight on chemo but I think the majority gain. Sort of adds insult to injury doesn’t it?!

I hope you get some useful answers, but just thought I’d let you know you’re not alone!

Firstly we are all individual and I know this works for me although you may not be able to do it. The other thing is do take care if your doing chemo then that and all that comes with it comes first.

Plan - plan your day, how much you can do, plan everything - this really works - by planning it becomes easier to stick to as you mark it off the pad and see how it grows it encourages you.

The best thing is to keep a record of all you eat for 7 days and then you get a general idea how and what your eating. Then because its visual you can plan the next two weeks to fit into life style and see if it works. You may not be doing as much as you used to or comfort eating or as I have found that Tamoxifen was crazy in first three months and I put on 2 stone but now I have done this the weight is coming off nicely.

You have to really take notice of everything including that biccie with tea and cut out the sugar in tea etc., The other thing is switch to green tea and look at how far you can walk every day (sensibly). My ankles are bad but can do 5 miles one day and 3 miles another - dont get scared its not far - its to a high street and back. I dont carry shopping back but I do have a look around and if I cant make it back by walking I get the bus!

You obviously have a computer so keep a spreadsheet or a table in Word or just a list of everything that you have. Look on google maps and see how far you could walk every day and it tells you on the left so you can plan a route. It doesnt have to be a lot to start with but it does tend to grow on you. Start by going to the end of the road - ha - I started by going 200 yards and back as I was nauseous at the time but the next day I did 50 yards more and so on. the exercise and the diet go hand in hand and I gauge a rough diet full of veggies and fruit and fish.

Above all else home made carrot soup and feet up if you are not up to it when you want - If I cant do anything then I dont and I dont feel guilty either. I know I am doing the best I can and its working. Be grateful that your trying.

Good luck and keep trying dont give up. xxx

Hi Girls

it’s so good to know i’m not on my own on this one. I just find it sole destroying after all the hard work I had put in. I was running three miles every day before this horrid disease!

I’ll start writing down what I eat every day and go from there I think. That’s a great idea. I know the odd rich t biscuit does appear every so often!!

Was thinking of getting a leg and thigh stepper from Argos too - think they are only about £25 - I can pound the streets as well.

My stomach and thighs seem to have suffered the most - even my knees are bigger!!!


I put on 9lbs between my cycle last month,thats in just three weeks, i think I must of put on about 3 stone since it began 7 cycles ago,I still have to left… carrot sticks for me!
Joking aside,taking care of yourself is the most important thing,we have to eat to be strong enough to take this poison,shedding the weight comes afterwards.

I find this site useful/motivating for keeping an eye on my weight (it’s free, unlike weightwatchers)


there is a new twitter app that is designed to Capture everything you eat to let you see where the calories are creeping in I was going to use that or you can use Fitday.com - the measurements are in US but you can add customised foods that is probably the best thing