weight gain

hi, can anyone help have been reading people saying that theyv put weight on with treatment is this normal have been struggling to keep weight off n now cant even go to the gym putting weight on will b the last straw.

rozia, again everyone is different. I did 8 chemos and during the first 4 (FEC) weight was stable, but I was getting out everyday even for short walks (and even swam during first 3). Then started TAX and had the steroids that go with it (to prevent the sickness) and gained a stone which went on over the 12 weeks. Yes, it is disheartening, but in the scheme of things, something I can deal with now chemo is over. As the nurses always said in my unit, far better to be gaining weight than losing weight. I think you will find that most ladies who have TAX and steriods gain weight and of course, I was much less active in the latter 3 months. My steroids were greatly reduced for the last 2 chemos, and I think this helped me. It really is suck it and see. I don’t think it is an automatic thing that you pile on the weight. Do you know how many chemos you are havin and what regime??? The important thing is, give your body what it needs, eat as healthily as you can and when you are hungry, eat, as your body needs the fuel to get through it and keep going.

hiya janey has the weight started to shift since finishing tax my last one is thursday??? im a stone and a half heavier and im on a high dose of steroids for three days over my chemo im hoping some will naturally go once its all finished? hows it been for you?? helen

Hi Helen - to be honest I haven’t dare weigh myself in case I make myself more depressed!!! I had to be weighed before my op, hence a stone heavier. My clothes still fit, but they are snug and have an extra spare tyre!!! I am just more flabby than before! I am hoping to get back to more exercise, get back to swimming, but my feeling is that it took 12 weeks to go on so it will take at least that to come off! Good luck with your last one, nearly over the finish line! x

I put on 22 pounds so nearly 2 stone. the same as when i was pregnant with my two girls! I found half a stone just fell off once chemo stopped ( water retention i think as had a balloon face!) but the rest i am working at now. I didnt take full dose of steroids either but i just found i was miserable and hungry so i snacked a lot!

Only consolation is that my hubbie put on the same amount so we are in same boat now!!

My oncologist has said that it should now be excepted that it is a side effect of treatment. Before anti- sickness meds were given it was normal to lose weight but now it’s the other way round. I also have not weighed myself but had to be when i was admitted to hospital just before chemo no 6 and heard that i had gained around 11/2 to 2 stone. I look like a bald beached whale and no clothes fit me but hopefully in the warmer weather i’ll be out walking and cycling (well i can dream). Alot is fluid retention but alot is where i havn’t been able to do any activities at all, not even walking.