weight gain

I have been tqking tomoxofen for 4 years and have gained a lot of weight which i cannot seem to loose. I have been dieting and exercising for ages and only loose very little every week if anything.

Oh joy. Got thank to look forward to then … Sorry can’t help, but I’m sure people will be along soon.

I took tamoxifen for about 16 months. I did gain weight, have hot flushes and then also developed a polyp which I had to have removed. As I was then deemed to be post menopausal, I was put on Arimidex. I had quite bad joint pain and stiffness but these to be subsiding after 18 months or so. The hot flushes aren’t so bad now and FINALLY the weight seems to be shifting off. I was quite fed up about the weight as I had controlled it very well through weight watchers for about 5 years.
It’s a slow business but stick with it and hopefully you’ll find that your body adjusts itself. The trouble is, all these things are different for everyone.
Good luck.

I wish I could blame the Tamoxifen (been taking it for 6 months now), but think that it is actually the choccie muffins for breakfast and the Kitkat with my morning coffee, and the cherry beer that I discovered in Tesco! I just seem to have lost the incentive to worry about my weight despite the fact that I am E+ and know that I should be controlling it. Arrgghh!!!



I was on tamoxifen for 5 years and the weight that I put on whilst on chemo, rads etc stayed on for the entire 5 years no matter how hard I tried to lose it.
I have been on Femara for nearly 2 years and have lost weight and nearly back to my pre BC weight.
I don’t think I have changed my diet although I do try to eat healthily.
I comfort ate whilst travelling to hospital and during treatment(my husband who came with me also put on the weight) and then the Tamoxifen didn’t exactly help me lose it.

One thing that I tried to do was to drink at least 1 1/2 litres a day which I find very beneficial.


ive put on about a stone and a half since being dx. Half a stone was due to the choc people kept buying me (ha). But the other stone has been since tamox (been on it a year now). would love to lose the weight, and stomach bloat.

OMG not only do we have to put up with the fact we have breast cancer then when we have treatment we gain weight.i was dx on 30th dec had WLE on 28th jan i get my results on 24th feb which at the mo dont know which treatments i will have but my doctors said def radio maybe chemo and maybe hormone treatment cus my cancer is sensitive to my female hormones which is a good thing i have been told .i was trying to lose weight before my dx

hi all,

On tamoxifen for 2 and half years now on aromasin for nearly a year and i am getting really depressed with the weight gain, everything i do just seems to make me put on weight have put about 1 and a half on since dx i go to gym 2x week and try and eat well but everytime i weigh in it is just a little bit more, will i be like a barrel when i finish ? any suggestions please.



A large part of me says that you mustn’t be hard on yourself, trying to diet when you are having treatment isn’t the best idea in the world.
I then think about all the comfort eating I did, waiting around for appointments with the hospital cafe a few yards away you tend not to think about the calories you are devouring when you share a chocolate bar and have a hot chocolate to drink, it makes the time go quicker. Trouble is when you have 25 rads and sit in the same area for each of those 25 days and you treat yourself everyday its very easy to put a few pound on. I had a round trip of 2-3 hours to hospital each day so of course we had a few sweets as well on the journey. Thats how it was for me, do I regret it, well no but as I, as many other ladies in their 40’s and 50’s tend to put on the weight so easily and its not easy to lose. You think that once the treatment is finished you will get more exercise and the weight will just drop off, well sorry cause along comes Tamoxifen and losing weight goes out of the window.

I found it difficult to exercise, I worked full time, but I felt that wasn’t enough. Not everyone is the same and if you exercised regularly before BC then I would think that it would be easier to get back into exercising that if you hadn’t done any exercise befoe.

In the scheme of things is a few pounds isn’t a big problem just keep an eye on what you are eating and perhaps go for the healthy option.


Hi all, this is my first time on this site though i have been reading a lot of “posts” since i found it. Have been to see oncologist for the first time today after three week recovery from L/D reconstruction. I new chemo was a given but have had every thing crossed hoping not to have Tamoxifen. Sadley it hasnt worked and start after chemo. Of all the things that have happened and are going to happen i fear this the most. In all of this i want to stay “me”,which is optomistic, logical,even tempered,fit and slim. I dont mean to be vain but its who i am and who i,m comfortable with. I dont want my husband waking up one day to a Tomoxifen monster with raging hormones and I still want to look in the mirror and see myself ( i can deal with the scars they saved my life) and be confident because lets face it with all the treatment its the one thing i feel should be clung onto “me”

I’m now 1 year post treatment of Chemo, MX and Radio and on Tamoxifen. I have put on almost a stone and am only 4ft11ins so it really shows and I can’t fit into any of my clothes. It really depresses me and I find it the hardest thing to deal with as I have never had to diet and don’t know where to start. I just feel I’m not “me” anymore and get really upset.Does anyone else feel the same?

Ok…now I am going to sound a bit hard here…putting on weight whilst on chemo is almost impossible not to do if you are not nauseous and vomiting because steroids and some types of chemo cause water retention and therefore weight gain.
My daughter aged 26 at dx and myself 49 at dx both put on about a stone. We are both on herceptin as her2+ and tamoxifen as er+ BUT we both get enough exercise and we both eat sensibly and we are both losing/lost weight gained. My daughter is back to her sylph like size 10 and I am back to my less sylph like 12-14 with half a stone to go to get me back to 10 stone 4. I am 5’6 and my daughter 5’10
Now the problem is most women are too fat…fact! and the reason it won’t shift is too much food and too little exercise…sorry guys but its not just the drugs!

Lostinfrance a little unfair as it is the drugs for some and it depends on other medical conditions and other conditions that the drugs can bring on. I am border line diabetic and any amount of diet didnt bring blood sugars down with the steroids so everyone you are an individual. Look at what you eat, look at how you exercise are you being honest with yourself and if your still not losing weight look at other medical conditions that can effect dieting. My onc told me 6 months to get the back to normal after chemo. I use to mountain bike race and even then eating healthy did not lose weight easily. Good luck with the weight loss.

Lostinfrance, you and your daughter are obviously the lucky ones. I exercise as much as I used to and eat very little and sensibly. Like many women I have spoken to, the weight coming off doesn’t happen so easily. I have never been overweight in my life and it has only happened since being on Tamoxifen not during Chemo. Too much of a coincidence I’d say and weight gain is one of the recognised side effects.

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound unfair and I quite appreciate that other medical conditions can cause all sorts of problems…eg steroid therapy and some heart drugs BUT its still a lot of what goes in your (and my ) mouths that cause the problems…guide lines for an active woman are 2000 calories a day and when you consider there are about 100-150 in the average biscuit and about 500 in 1 bag of cadburys mini eggs…it soon mounts up!
I have found that by not dieting but just cutting down and writing down what I eat I am a lot more healthy as well as lighter and fitter.
Due to riding horses and farming I have bust both anterior crutiate ligaments in my knees and because I am not the queen or a pro footie player they will not repair them so I have to keep my legs with good muscule tone or I may end up unable to walk due to unstable knees…and it was being heavier than I am now that put too much strain on my knees in the first place!

I love chocolate, cakes, good food and cooking but when you realise how much of your daily 2000 is taken up by that little bit of cake or thew extra butter etc…its scary enough to say flippin heck and put it back!

lostinfrance, im a nutritionist and from what ive seen 2000 calories these days are enough for some active people, ie may be active in going to the gym or other but job is sedentary. Its a mine field.

I can only say lostinfrance that i have watched what i eat and calorie counted all my life. Giving in to the chocolate and biscuit munchies through stress, boredom and the “whats the point in worrying about it” has never entered my mind. i consider myself fortunate that i have never felt that need, however it seems to be a given that when going through cancer treatment you lose control of you own life and can only go along with what the experts are telling you needs to be done to save it. So if they say you need surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or any other therapy, then your choices are limited. The phrase “do or die” comes to mind. All i want to have is just a small piece of control over how i look and feel when ive already lost a breast, gained a foot long scar, less mobility in my shoulder and about to lose my hair. what part is still me ?
And lynberi, hang in there , i believe in “ME” and so should you.

“The problem is most women are too fat…fact!”…???

I too was brought up on a diet of horse riding hockey and snapped both anterior cruciate ligaments skiing. I an 5ft 1" have always weighed between 8 and 8.5 stone and been a size 10-12…which meant I was not considered to be overweight or fat. However, after 5 months of Tamoxifen I have gained a stone…nothing else changed…same diet, same amount of exercise, same eating habits…in fact less alcohol instigated by being 10/10 hormone ER & PR positive.

It is well documented that generally women when menopausal gain weight.As tamoxifen makes the body mimick the menopause (by not allowing your body to use the oestrogen in the normal way)…water retention is part of this too, it stands to reason there will be weight gain…nothing to do with what you eat…unless of course you eat more of the bad stuff, which logically results in weight gain anyway.

As I say again guys sorry if I have upset folks but perhaps we need slightly less food and calories as we get older…for example my 18 year ols son has hollow legs and can consume vast amounts of food…and I mean VAST! He is like a bean pole…his brother used to be like that but at 24 and working outside as a ranger puts on pounds if he is not sensible…its metabolism…Hatty…as a nutritionist you can shed some light on this!
I think that as we get older we actually need far less food…and also better quality food. Yes it is well documented that menopausal women gain weight…but mostly in western countries with western diets…food for thought :confused:

I think we are all different in what SEs and what propensities we have. I was lucky not to have chemo but am on tamoxifen and I am a good half a stone less than I was at dx probably because of stress. I am finding no weight gain from tamoxifen but then I have always been skinny so maybe it has different effects on people who have a tendency to gain weight than on those who don’t?

I don’t know, so not wanting to upset anyone. There may be as many of us who have gained weight through treatment who didn’t previously as who haven’t but that is why it is useful to get a spectrum of experiences.

I am 47 and not kids, nor turning 40 have had any impact. Maybe it is a metabolism difference which is coming out? x