Weight Gain

Hello I recently lost 4st in weight and when i was diagnosed a month ago, the one blessing was that I had lost weight and felt fitter and healthier than I have done for years. I still need to lose another 4 stone and I certainly blame myself to for getting cancer because I was obese (even though I’ve been vegetarian for 30 yrs) but Get slim stay slim is my motto for the future. If something positive can come out of this it will be the new slimmer much fitter me. I had surgery last week and waiting for results to decide next treatment. However, and I know it sounds really trivial in the scale of things but does everyone put on weight during treatment? I’m still walking 3 miles a day and losing weight weekly but I’m worried about putting weight back on along with everything else ! Thanks xxxx

Hi Helenrose, its not inevitable that you will put on weight.  Just watch portion control keep exercising and you will be fine.  I put seven pounds on after my chemo and radiation.  This was due to me being greedy and getting my taste buds back.  I am now on a health kick, running and watching what I eat but not dieting.  As long as you dont put on you can get on track once your treatment is finished.  Good luck with treament.

Hi Helen


As Anne says it is not inevitable, specially I think as you are already in a keep fit/lose weight frame of mind.


My weight remained steady throughout and I was determined not to let the weight go on, on top of dealing with bc, tho did not have to diet, just kept my eye on it.


Take care an  I’m sure the weight won’t be an issue for you.



Thank you both - that is so encouraging to know. I’m going to carry on eating heathily as i am now and exercising as much as I can. I’ve given away all my bigger clothes so I’ll have nothing to wear !! XX