Weight Gain

Hi all start my chemo on Wednesday and scared. I am so worried about the side effects.  I have also been told that steriods given make younpile on the pounds and make your face puffy. 

Hi Nel

I had Chemo Nov last year. The best piece of advice that I can offer you is! Don’t listen to well meaning people who seem to tell you things that you don’t need to hear right now. Having Chemo is scary, because you are entering the unknown. But I can promise you it isn’t anywhere near as bad as you are imagining.

The steroids are given to hopefully stop you having a reaction to the drugs. I personally didn’t have any weight gain! Chemo is a very individual thing, no two people will react in the same way. But after your first dose you will get an understanding of which side effects, if any, that you might have to deal with. Don’t suffer in silence, that’s what your Oncologist and BCN are there for. They have drugs to treat every possible side effect.

Wishing you all the best.

Sal x

Hi Nel
Totally agree with Sal, everyone is different. Yes it is a hard journey but you will get through it, I have 2 more to go. Don’t suffer in silence, if you feel pain, take pain killers, pain management is important, there are drugs to help you feel as comfortable as possible. I have lost weight, one stone, so weight gain is not for sure.

Good luck and keep in touch xxx

Hi Nel. I finished my chemo 7 weeks ago now and can honestly say that apart from feeling bloated at times I did not put on any weight. Infact I have lost weight and gone down a dress size which is probably due to not being able to eat so much because food doesn’t taste so good. Even if for you the steroids do make you put on weight once you finish your chemo I am sure you will loose it. Just remember they are temporary side effects and concentrate on the positive good that the chemo is doing. I have had the best results from my chemo that I could ever have hoped for or was expected by my oncologist. I wish you good luck and hope it goes well for you.

Yeah, I into my fourth chemotherapy, doxetaxel after three FEC. I eye up very thin women with jealousy. I think that both chemo and steroids have messed with my thinking a tad. Sooo my thoughts are, know you are worried, listen and say thank you for those thoughts, but right now you have to listen to your body. Try to stay away from processed food and sweet things, fill up on good protein fruit and veg soups etc if and when your tummy is sore
Promise yourself a fine exercise regime in 8-9 months time when you are cancer free.

Thanks for taking the time for such a full response Nel - much appreciated… I await my start with slightly less trepidation :slight_smile: