Weight gain

Just had to tell you all what I’ve been up today! Been hypnotised to help me lose the 2 stones I’ve put on through taking Tamoxifen and Arimadex. Think it was the Tamoxifen that put it all on though, because since the onc changed me to Arimadex at least my weight has stabilised even though I can’t seem to lose any. Such a scary experience though, but am sure it’'s going to work - it had better do - it cost me £70!! But must say I have come home from work (having only eaten an alpen bar and an apple all day) and just had some lean chicken, jacket potato and salad - but had to leave some - unheard of for me!!!

Will keep you informed of developments!

Jean xx

I wonder if I could get hypnotised to stop me spending money !!! On a serious note I hope it works. I’ve decided I am going to start drinking my own home made fruit smoothies in place of some of the rubbish I eat and just generally start looking after myself more. Started this morning as I mean to go on. I’ve put on weight, about half a stone to about 9lbs, but I don’t feel it was Tamoxifen. Been on Tamoxifen for 3years. Weight was more or less stable until hysterectomy last summer and it’s gone up gradually since then. Anyway best of luck. Let us know how you get on.