Weight gain

Hi All

Still on Tamoxifen and Sertraline following chemo, rads, oopherectomy as well as Naproxen and Omnipreszole…Treatement ended in May 2017 and I have put on about three stone in weight; anyone found a way of staying on the meds but loosing weight.  Really struggling as nothing I do seems to shift it and starting to get me down.



Hi I had breast cancer in 2017 and since then have put weight on although I’m eating the same food I have just started a new diet and so far lost 10 lb it’s hard work but I’m getting there I am due soon for my 2 year mammogram I usually comfort eat due to stress a d anxiety but have managed to stick to the diet eating a lot of veggies first 10 days low carbs night protein then stage 2 will start introducing other items of food in I think it is just finding what works for you x

Hi, I also had treatment in 2017 and had put on almost 2 stone by Christmas 2018.

In February this year after a good few months of trying to cut back and exercise more, I joined Slimming World (not something i thought i’d need to do) and it’s been brilliant. A really easy to follow diet and i’ve already lost more than a stone so feel so much better about myself - and proud of my achievements. I’m on tamoxifen and there are a few other ladies who the consultant said are also on it and lost weight too.

  • I am struggling like you. Iveat healthy and exetcise but i keep gaining weight!