Weight loss after treatment

Hi All,
I’ve just completed Chemo and radiotherapy finishes next week. I’m now thinking about shifting the extra weight gained over the past 7 months. Has anyone joined Weight Watchers or Slimming World? If so do you need to explain that you’re recovering from BC treatment or can you just get on with it?? Thanks.

Hi Mini,

I was a member of Weight Watchers and about 10lbs off reaching my goal weight when I was dx last October. I only missed 2 meetings through being in hospital and I carried on and got to goal just before Christmas. Now I am 7lbs below goal so proof that it is possible. I didn’t have chemo, but I was on Tamoxifen for nearly 4 months.

I told the leader that I had bc, but she didn’t say that I needed to do anything differently - actually she took hardly any notice at all and I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or upset!

If you join as a new member, you have to complete a health questionnaire so you will need to mention it, but I’m sure it won’t make any difference as it is basically a healthy eating plan to follow with some support at the meetings.

Go for it and I wish you the very best of luck! I found it really helped me to have something to focus on that I could control when everything else seemed to be out of control.

E xx