Weight loss after Zoladex?


I am just wondering as this is what im constantly being told by BC nurse, will I lose wight once my 2 yrs on Zoladex is up/ I hope so they seem to think that the Zoladex is the problem not the tamoxifen. Anyone lost wieght after finishing zoladex?

I’ve had the same message from my medical teams, although the nurse said that the weight won’t fall off magically but that sensible eating and exercise will do the trick. I hope so. I know it’s shallow of me, but I’ve hated the weight gain… I had my last Zoladex yesterday (was given permission to do 23 rather than 24 month on it)…

I was on Tamox and Zoloadex for 5 years.Finished Apr 09. And started putting Weight ON !. Not happy as I exercise daily. Now on Arimidex (im 47). Zoladex put me into menapause, at last. weight gain was slight but still here. Guess everyone reacts differently