Weight Loss


I went to my first appt with my plastic surgeon yesterday to be assessed for reconstruction surgery, I was told that as I had put on weight during my treatment, Chemo, Radiotherapy, Herceptin, I would not be considered until my BMI was reduced. I came away very upset as I thought I would be given more positive information. I now have an open appt and to ring when my weight has come down by at least 2 stone. This seems like a very big hill to climb, it could take years, I feel so disillusioned, my last herceptin is next Monday 19th March, does anyone know how long this takes to get out of your system so I can start to lose some weight. I feel so low at the moment. I know I should feel happy that my treatment has finally come to an end but this has really brought me down.

Sharon hun, I feel your pain. I really do. I have gained a whopping 2.5 stone on chemo/steroids and my BMI must by now be in the obese category - I wasn’t a slim thing when it started I was a good stone over weight.

I already know that I will have to lose weight when my active treatment ends and Im almost grateful I have a year to lose the excess weight I’ve gained before they will do recon.

This BC is an unfair hit on us all, and we have to suck up all the pain both physically and mentally.

I don’t know how long it takes to get the drugs out of your system, hopefully someone will come along and advise but I just want you to know you are not the only one so don’t feel bad about it.

Sending your a sisterly (((HUG)))

hi, sorry to hear you are having to delay your reconns. I had mine same time as mast , but I put on nearly 3 stone with chemo and steroids. Thats 3 years ago now, only just lost 2 stone of it, but i did mess around for a year or so. Id just ask if you are being refused coz of weight, or is it due to budget cuts, ???

good luck xx

I am not sure why type of reconstruction you are considering but to be honest I am very surprised that your consultant said that to you and I really think you should get a second opinion. I was overweight into the obese catogary and went to see my PS about a reconstruction and my weight was never an issue. In fact I asked him should I lose weight before my surgery and he said 'no you are fine as you are and it actually gives me more to play with (I had a DIEP/TRAM) so they took my tummy flab and made a breast.

I think it is very insensative of your consultant to say this to you as not only have you had cancer but you have been disfigered by having your breast removed and with all the treatment you have gone through it is not surprising that your self esteem is low - what you need is a chance to get your body back and get a new breast if that is what you want.

Now I have had my surgery I am now losing weight quite well, I want to lose it before I have my uplift on my other breast - the new breast and a new flat tummy has given me the incendive to do so.

Can you not speak to your BCN and get a referral to another PS and explain exactly how you feel and at least get on a waiting list for reconstruction. xxx

Hi Sharon

I went for my initial consultation with my plastic surgeon and I was already aware that by BMI was too high at 34. I was told that they would not consider surgery until my BMI was at least 31-32. They have however put me on the waiting list for the DIEP with another appointment 6 months later to check that I was losing the weight. The waiting list is between 12-18 months and this is the opportunity for me to lose weight which I am doing albeit very very slowly. That 6 month check is in May and I have just about reached a BMI of 31 now so I am sure they will be happy with this. I intend to keep on losing weight so that I am as healthy as I can be for what is quite a major operation. I have lost nearly 2 stones since chemo finished June 2011 and this has been predominantly since the start of this year through watching the calories but also letting loose on the odd occasion. I do not loose weight like i used to now that I am on tamoxifen but it can be done.

Don’t lose heart with this. Is it worth asking if you could get on the wait list now with weight checks in the lead up and if you are not at a 2 stone loss then you just jump back a bit on the list.

Karen x

Hi All,

Thanks so much for your kind comments, I think I will contact my BCN and ask if I can go on the list with the view to keeping an eye on my weight loss. i am hoping for the tummy flap option as my back muscle has caused me a lot of pain since my mastectomy, it keeps spasming at the most inconvenient time which can be embarrassing.
Again thank you all so much for your kindness, and my very best wishes to you all.