Weighty problem!!

Weighty problem!!

Weighty problem!! Hi Girls

Well Im at the stage where Ive got the old hair back and now I think that its time to do something about the weight that I put on whilst I was having the dreaded treatment.

I joined a slimming club last night and although I told the lady that I didnt want to know how much I weighed I glanced at the scales and I couldnt believe what I saw. In 2 years I had gained almost 3 1/2 stone!!! I would’t care if I had eaten badly but as soon as I went onto the CMF bit I went from a size 12 to 16, I swear overnight, (I sound like Peter Kay) I suppose that with the menopause kicking in as well Ive just got to face it that I have to do something about it.

Anyway its a low GI??? and low fat diet with a bit of salsa thrown in, (got to be worth it?) I tried the dancing bit and although I considered myself quite fit before and I have been walking since the finish of treatment every bit of me ached whilst doing it, I could feel myself filling up as I was trying to keep in step with everyone. It did get a bit better as the class went on. My knees and feet hurt, and over the past few weeks after a spot of cleaning and dragging double beds around my lower back has started to hurt. I felt 90! I am going to go next week and I have been good today so Ill keep you posted.

Debbie x

Hi Debbie I totally understand where you are coming from - I put on over a stone whilst on chemo and wanted to lose weight before then. Finished rads 1st Feb last year and still have not moved the weight. Decided 2007 I will be positive and get my life back on track as last year still felt in shock. Keep us informed of how you get on - the slimming club sounds great - really fancy the salsa myself… I have not heard of a slimming club like that in my area (Sheffield). Good luck Sandra

hi debbie i totally sympathise, having put on 3 stone myself - so ggod luck with the healthy eating plan and the salsa!!

have a dance for me too.

Love Carol

Hi Debbie This week I have gone back to swimming to try to get fitter and to loose some weight. The first time we went to the pool it was all I could do not to cry. I had totally lost confidence in my physical ability to do something I certainly wouldn’t have thought twice about prior to bc. In fact it was ok except my left arm was pratically useless because I realise, I have been avoiding using it for most of the year. So, I can quite understand you ‘filling up doing the salsa’. In many ways its such a big achievement just to undertake a form of physical exercise with others present. My advice is to give up the cleaning and dragging the beds around and enjoy the salsa! I swam today for the second time and felt much better about it all. Good luck with your next session. Let us know how it goes.


me too !!! Debbie - I totally emphathise!!! - I’m due to finish Herceptin in March (been on it a year now god where has the time gone?) - have put on 1 1/2 stones since diagnosis Aug 05!! - Finding it really hard to exercise - any form even cleaning the house leaves me totally knackered!!! Will we ever be able to conquer the weight like we conquered the BC!! I do hope so but its nice to know I’m not alone
Thanks - Clemy x

debbie i know how you feel ,
i had epi/cmf and i too seemed to balloon overnight.

[my husband brought me a pair of trousers when on cmf to cheer me up,i tryed them on fit lovely , the week after i went to wear them to go out and they were nowhere near close to fastening !!!]

i’m on herceptin now my chemo finished end of may2006.

i put on 3 stone during treatment.

my lowfat diet started monday [diets always start on a monday]
exercise is a problem though as i get knackerd very easy.
so i’ve started walking the dog with a min or two of jogging too!!

good luck with your weight loss.

kim xx