Weird cravings on chemo !;

Currently on 1st cycle of Docetaxal after 3 EC.
So today for lunch, tuna fish and sweet corn with salad cream. Chips with loadsa salt and sweet chilli sauce and sweet chilli rice crackers !;
Not nutritionally great but my goodness the search for something I can actually taste is so real !!!
Nearly nipped back to Mac Donald’s due my go to 6 chicken nuggets :laughing:

Mines maccies filet of fish and shop bought lasagne ( interestingly both cravings I had when pregnant) and cheese quavers…:joy::joy:. I’m glad someone else has mentioned this I thought I was odd as it’s definitely not mentioned in the chemo booklets ( I’m EC docetaxol 2nd EC just completed)…

I have super weird and super strong cravings !!! Definitely fish !!!
And any strong salty flavours !!! Carbs as well !!
Mad, mad, mad !

Omg mine is for sweet stuff which i never ate.
My thing is swizzle drumstick i buy 3kg at a time straight from the manufacturer. My teeth will definitely fall out and don’t know what it must be doing to my insides.
Can’t eat anything spicy anymore even toothpaste hurts my mouth.

I’m getting the sweet cravings as well… Mostly for sweets from my childhood that you can’t get in this country which is rather unfortunate for my bank account (and possibly my teeth :joy:)

I go to a local traditional sweet shop before each cycle and stock up on pineapple cubes and rhubarb and custard sweets.
I’ve become paranoid about my teeth though !!! Extra cleaning and mouthwash !!!

Omg im glad it isn’t just me then lol x