weird sounds in my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi everyone, i have the weirdest sound in my ear only the left one, i am 4 into 6 of tax 13 days when i bend down i have a throbbing sound in my left ear!!! the only way i can describe it is as if my heart is beating and i can hear it in my ear, this is really bizarre and i know i sound like i have gone nuts, but as anyone else experienced this??somebody please tell me because i feel like a nutter love liz xxxxx

Hi Liz

Throbbing sounds in the ear can be a symptom of high blood pressure. But you say you get it when you bend down - by that do you mean when you bend over and your head is lower than your chest? If so, I get a blood rush to my head when I do that, so it may be that is what you are experiencing. Might be a good idea to run it past your BCN just to be on the safe side, particularly if your blood pressure has been raised during chemo.

finty xx

hi finty thanks for that i will phone my bcn and see what she thinks, it doesnt seem to happen all the time, its weird but i will ask and get it checked, liz xxx

Hi Liz. Number 4 EC next week for me. I don’t hear a throbbing sound but I can hear a phone ringing! I think I’m going mad! x

Think FEC4 has kicked in tinitus for me, constant high pitched hum. I can ignore it most of the time - although now i’ve thought about it it seems really loud.

I’ve read that it can bring this on and to mention it as they can adjust treatment apparently, but don’t see how. Just hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Liz I too have experienced this I’m due to have cycle 5 gem/carbo. I’ve not mentioned it to my Onc as I’ve not had it for a few weeks, and I’ve had a long list of other SE’s-LOL!!
Keep me posted on what your Onc says.

I’ve had tinnitus/ringing in my ears whilst on FEC . Not so much on docetaxyl,


I had that during Chemo. It was at it’s worst when I was going to sleep. It can be anemia ( sp?), but it can also be vertigo. My gp gave me betahistine tablets and it cleared the vertigo and whooshing. It is amazing the list of things Chemo does. Sometimes loosing the hairs in your ears can effect your balance and hearing too.


I have the thumping sound in my ears for several years and have been told it’s tinnintus - Taxotere did make it worse as well. I thought it was related to blood pressure but mine isn’t - since that’s so easy for a bcn to check on it sounds like it would be worth it. In the meantime try masking it with sound - I have the radio or CD on at night (use a Pillowspeaker so my OH does not hear it) and that helps to keep me from focussing on the thumping sound - I did visit a tinnitus clinic and they confirmed that was the best thing to do - keep yourself distracted as the more you focus on it the more you will hear the sounds. Hope they go away before too long for you

i too have this a yr after fec and tax
have the high pitched sound most of the time, but notice it mostly at night when quiet
also have the heart beat in the ears/head sound some nights too

I experienced this half way through my chemo, at night I noticed it - in my left ear. It transpired my red blood cells had dropped dramatically and I needed a blood transfusion. I didn’t really think about it - until the nurse asked me if I’d heard my heart in my ear - you can hear it as its pumping harder apparently!

hi mint tea, that is exactly what it sounds like my heart beating in my ear, thank goodness i am not going barmy after all lol, i have an appointment next week to see my onc as i am due another dose of tax in 9 days time, do you think i ought to phone before then just to make sure, my gp as recently started me on iron tablets as a precautionary measure to guard against anaemia, but now i am a bit concerned after reading your post in case my red cell count is low, what do you think i should do? liz xxx

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Knowing what I know now, I’d definitely get a blood test done and see what that shows. Blood transfusion was “easy” so nothing to be worried about and I immediately felt better!
My RBC was picked up during my normal pre chemo blood test - If I’d been a bit more clued up I’d have asked for a blood test earlier and I’d have avoided 10 days of feeling pretty rubbish - short of breath/exteme tiredness/banging in ears etc. I finished chemo today but my rbc were borderline this time so I’m going to be more vigilant over next few weeks!

hi mint tea, well heres the thing, my gp gave me iron tablets and i started them the day before yesterday i had the heart beat in my ear prior to that, today it has stopped so i was wondering whether i may be anaemic, i dont know how long it takes for the iron tablets to have any sort of effect, when i rang the hospital they asked me all the usual questions, whether i had a temperature, whether i felt abnormally ill, whether i was light headed, fainty, or dizzy, blurred or double vision,they told me to see how i am feeling in the next day or so and if i still wasnt happy to phone them and arrange to go in so thats where i am at at the moment, if my heart starts beating in my ear again i shall definately go in and get it checked, if your red count is low, do you have to have a transfusion or can it be corrected with the iron tablets? do you know love liz xxxx

I was told it was a blood transfusion - no mention of iron tablets! But I haven’t seen my GP since she referred me back in September so I’ve only ever seen the chemo unit nurses who have been directed by my oncologist. But as I said the transfusion was easy really - just like chemo but with a couple of bags of blood not drugs!