Welcome to everyone starting chemo in January.. we are now the "" January Jems""

Didnt think I would be posting in this section of the site… had good news though… no spread to the lymph nodes :-)) …it seems due to it being a high Grade 3 Im to start on chemo first… then Rads… then Herceptin…dont think I took it all in to be honest… this part has always scared me as i associate it with Ca… daft I know… but loosing all family members to Ca… it just scares me…so I think I will be dealing with it one day at a time… i should hear next week from my onc… get the ball rolling… any advice, tips, wigs etc would be grateful… thanks ladies xxx

Hello Sandra,
Why dont you try the Cold Cap treatment to help with the hair loss. I felt more in control doing this as my hair never all came out. My hair did thin, but I never had to wear my wig. I did buy a couple of trendy hats which I wore on my way home from Chemo to keep my head warm. I had FEC T Chemo for 6 cycles and coped really well. I was never sick because the anti sickness medication and steroids worked. I did however get a very sore and inflamed mouth so I had to visit the GP who gave me a mouth wash and other meds. I found that having a supply of ice lollies in the freezer really helped.
So good luck with it all. You sound strong so I think you will cope fine. Love and hugs Tracy xxx

Hello Sandra and Tracy,
Sandra, I’ts completely understandableyou feeling scared with regards to family history. Hopefully others will soon join this group and by sharing experiences wil help us all cope and come to terms with it xxx
For more advice and tips on chemo and wigs have a look at the starting chemo in Dec or Nov group. This is useful as these women are where we will be be soon and can give very practical and useful advice xx
I am currently in the December group as there was no January group and I wasnt sure exactly when I would be starting Chemo. Still unsure if it will be end of this month or begining of January but I will find out on Monday at my Oncology appointment.
Brief history, found a lump in April, Mammogram in May was clear, lump got bigger and painful and was visible to the eye along with another lump below it. Went back to the doctors, was dismissed twice finally referred back to breast clinic on third visit to the doctors in October and had scan in November which showed no signs of cancer however a biopsy was done to be on safe side. Week later told I had cancer, 6 days later had lumpectomy and 17 lymph nodes removed.
I finally got my results yesterday, this is what the consultant wrote down for me - T2 (5.0cms) N1/17 Grade 3 ER+ - which I think translated into English as only 1 lymph node out of the 17 they removed was affected, Grade 3 means it was a fast growing cancer, however good news is they got it all. I havent stopped smiling since yesterday afternoon. I didnt realised how stressed and anxious I was until this point.
Next steps, Chemotherapy - FEC-T, Radiotherapy and then Tamoxifen.
I have my Oncology appointment on Monday so will have more details then.
I was so excited when I went to pick 2 of my daughters up from school yesterday and they were very pleased with the news. My youngest (7) just kept saying “so you don’t have cancer anymore?” She was a bit disappointed that I still need the horrible medicine that will make my hair fall out (I think she more concerned that I will turn up to school with a bald head on show and embarrass her).

Ok so onwards and upwards. Not looking forward to chemo but appreciate its a means to an end. I suppose I’m as ready as I wil ever be for the rollercoaster ride that is is ahead of me.



Sandra that’s brill news I am sure it will give you the uplift to get through the res of it. Wishing you well might join the January thread yet as chemo on 31 st Dec and should it delayed will be with you

Hugs to everyone


Hi Ladies,
I’m from the september group and am fast approaching my last FEC on New Year’s Eve of all days, no Cava for me !

I found my lump back in May, took Tamoxifen for 5 weeks before surgery, surgery in July. 3.5cm lump, grade 3 no lymph nodes affected and margins were clear, 6 doses of FEC, rads starting in Jan and then Tamoxifen for 5 years.
It is a massive rollercoaster ride, with twists and turns and emotions you were unaware of, but you will get there and you will be stronger when you reach the far end of the tunnel. You may not think so at the moment because it is a long journey. I was a mess to start with but I am strong so my family and friends tell me although I doubted that at the time. Just take each day as it comes, deal with it and move on. You know what is what now and once the plan is in place I’m sure it makes it a little easier, it’s the beginning thats the hardest and the waiting for results.

My hair started to go on day 13 of my first cycle, I had dreaded it so much but found it easier to accept than I thought. I am now 4 days past number 5 and my lashes and eyebrows are very thin too but my hair is trying to grow! There is only one way to look at that side of it, think about all the money you’ll save on haircuts and products, my underarm hair went weeks ago !

Best wishes and stay strong
Nicola x

Hi Ladies,
I had my planning meeting with the ONC yesterday and will be starting chemo on 9th Jan. 8 sessions!
So far I’ve been really impressed with the treatment, everyone has been so caring and explained things over and over again until they sank in. I don’t know if this happens at every hospital, but my ONC gave me a DVD to bring home which tells you all about the hospital (The Christie in Manchester), the treatment, some of the side effects and the 24/7 emergency helpline and I’ve found this very helpful too.
I think the support we can give each other while we battle though this will be invaluable and the advice I’ve had from the forum ladies who have been having treatment for a while has been tremendous.
big hugs to you all
Yvonne X

Hi to all you lovely ladies, yes I’m certain i will be be joining the January chemo club. Butterfly I have my onc app Monday too, Im scared!!! My lovely niece bought me a lovely leopard print fitted scarf today, looks very nice. Cheered me up as I’ve had a fewfew down days lately. I’m a single parent with a gorgeous daughter who’s 19 and at uni in London but lives at home. I was diagnosed 28th September , op wle sn biopsy 1st November , results nearly a month later clear margins and sn but grade3 and triple negative so chemotherapy and radiotherapy here i come . Ladies we shall laugh and cry together but at least we will be together and together we WILL kick its …
lots of love
Pat x

Hi ladies, I’m from the “starting chemo in January 2012” thread. Apart from wanting to give you all a big hug, I just wanted to say that you WILL get through it with the support from this forum. There is so much help available. I couldn’t have done it without the support from the other ladies I met here, we have shared so much, both laughter and tears.
If you have any questions please ask - I had 6 x FEC.
Clare x

Thank you Clare thats so nice ofyou. How are you now. Will definitely be bending your ear. God bless you xxxxxx Pat

Hi ladies, I have come from the Dec chemo threat as my chem has been delayed until Jan. A bit about me. I am HER 2 positive iv have had surgery mx - 3 positive nodes out of 7. Iv also had a reconstruction with implant. My prescribed treatment is chemo FEC - T X 6 + Herceptin + Rads.

It has been a very anxious and emotionally and physically demanding 10 weeks. I credit this site/staff and all the lovely ladies on the site as keeping me sane. The sheer mental agility to get through this, has challenged my every resourse. The diagnosis really did floor me in a way I will never forget. I experienced emotions I have never experienced before.
However, I am now and only now, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I know the treatments are not going to be easy. But I know it will save my life.

Caroline xxxx

Pat, thank you for asking, I’m fine now, just had my check up and at the moment I am cancer free which is the best news I can expect from now on.
Good luck to all you January ladies. Please do ask if there’s anything you want to know.
Clare x

Hi All
I just wanted to wish you all well for your chemo in January, try and enjoy xmas as much as you can ladies x , chemo can be tough but it is do-able I had FEC-T x 6 which finished in July and I had a few bad times but it was actually a little better than I expected the not knowing is always worse, some ladies sail through with no problems, I lost all my hair but the photo of me was in October and now its longer about 3 inches and I have coloured and cut 3 times already :slight_smile: so Im feeling more like myself , if any of you having FEC-T want to pm me at any time please feel free , good vibes to you all , take care

Janice xx

wow …now im not alone in all of this…seems a bunch of us will all be starting at the same time… to have this amazing site and forum has till now given me lots of strength… some days I dont feel it… I call them my “ouch” days…hoping they get few and far between :slight_smile: …heres to the next 9 months… and the start of something new xxxx look forward to seeing posts on here… we are not alone xx

Did you say you had the cold cap. I was told by the breast cancer nurse that it did not work with FEC ?


Hi All

Im going to be starting in January , as I was told on Thursday , after being told for the last 6 months that I did not need chemo. But hey ho, who said this journey was easy. So 4 operations later , 2 x wle, theraputic mamoplasty, then mastectomy with reconstruction they find 2 /7 nodes affected.
I am scared, but I know we will all get through this together

Hi Ladies
I’m so glad you have posted Sandra! I was thinking about you yesterday and wondered how your results went. Great news about no lymph involvement! So pleased for you. X
I was due to have a full clearance last Tuesday. I arrived for my surgery at 7 o’clock and after waiting a few hours to see the surgeon and anaesthetist I was finally told that because I had a cough and cold that the anaesthetist wasnt happy with me having anesthetic and was sent home with antibiotics. I was really upset as my chest was clear and it was just a head cold.
I went home really upset and then in the afternoon I had a call from my BCN who told me 2 bits of good news. First she gave me my results of my Bone Scan and CT scan and they were both clear and secondly she said unfortunately we wont be able to fit you back in for your op until the 8th of January. I was over the moon as I thought it would be next Tuesday as the surgeon had mentioned that day. This now means I can enjoy my Christmas and not worry about anything until after Christmas. Its been non stop for the last 6 weeks and because I’m still getting over my WLE and SNB it will give me time to get my strength back.
The only downside to all this is that it has put my chemo back a month and instead of starting in the December group I will now be joining you lovely ladies In the January group
Funki x

Hello all you January peeps
Firstly let me reassure you it,s all ok honest I,m 2nd fec plus 11 days yesterday I was in London shopping all day with cold cap still have eyebrows hair in fact no different actually some horrible girl jumped on a 3 seat space knocking me out the way in the process yesterday !!! I feel rough for 4 days I pull my sorry ass out of bed and carry on cos its the chemo not the breast cancer and feel loads better.
The magic key is WATER WATER WATER 4 ltrs before during and after!!!
Having 3rd on Christmas Eve but hay ho I,ll be there on Christmas Day giving it my best cos the more you get on with it the quicker your over the s/e honest!!!
some people will struggle and try and bring you guys down but it,s doable I PROMISE
Just stay strong and positive
99% of the time I forget I have BC I carry on exactly as I did before !!! When I drive out that hospital I leave it in the carpark where it belongs !!!

Good Luck to you all Remember put it in Pandoras box and remember to live

Merry Christmas To You All and remember live it up a little now before you all think your going to turn into nuns !!!

Because you know what you can still go out drinking and have fun Honest

Love to you all


Just got back from a & e… seems this infection is being a bugger and not healing right… got checked outu as requested and told to keep dressings and wound clean… back to my GP Monday… pity I was just on my way to bed when I leaked lots…definately bed for me now!!! xx

Bmw07 I have now had 4 FEC, 5th due on Tuesday. I have used the cold cap and although my hair has thinned a lot I still have a head of hair and have not had to wear wigs, hats or any other head cover! I even had a trim last week as my hair was getting straggly and it looks much better now. my tips:
> wash it very gently once every 6 or 7 days with ph neutral shampoo (I use Dove)
> gently comb it once a day
> no hair dryer, straighteners, hairspray etc.
> sleep on a silk pillowcase - this really makes a difference as it prevents pulling on your hair, particularly during the restless nights thanks to steroids
> generally leave your hair alone as much as possible

The cold cap is uncomfortable and gets more so with each cycle as your hair gets thinner therefore less insulation but if you can bear the first 10 mins you will be fine as you will be numb after that and not feel much. The upside is that with thinner hair the cap is more efficient (at least that is what the nurse told me). For me it is absolutely worth it as I really wanted to keep my hair.

i am having 6 FEC after WLE ( clear margins, no nodes and ER+) and if I can be of any help, let me know.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone and good luck for January

Jayne x (from October thread)

Hi ladies, stellanbraska Thank you for your comments. They are so helpful - and give me reaaurance and support.

I have read some of the horror stories on this site. I do realise some people are frightened but their stories are anxiety inducing for the rest of the users. I know you need a balanced view - especially as some of us are so frightened of Chemo and its side effects. I certainly am and not afraid to voice this.

Hello all on the January Chemo thread.