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—Welcome to the ‘Current issues/hot topics’ Chat Room

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Femara, again I’m presuming that yet again, the success of this new drug is only applicable to post menopausal women?
Here we are into 2006 and are there ANY drugs available to us pre meno’s aside from Tamoxifen?? Seems like there’s ALWAYS trials and new successors to Tamoxifen in the pipeline suitable only for post menopausal women!
I know I’m always ranting about this topic but now that we’re in a new forum setup, I think it’s time to keep the rant going.

*pearly* x

Bilateral Mastectomy After finding a lump in my left breast and being told I would need a mastectomy I asked for the other healthy breast to be removed at the same time to even things up and alleviate the need to wear a bra after surgery. I’m so glad I made that decision and would like to hear from anybody else who decided to do the same or is considering it.

To “hlev1234” I have just read your posting about bilateral mastectomy on the thread entitled “Welcome to Current Issues etc. forum”. I would be interested to read comments on this topic but this would be much more likely if the posting appears under a separate topic heading on - say - the “Undergoing Treatment” forum. Could you kindly do this, so that we could both read responses from people with relevant experience? Thanks.

CHILLOW PILLOW Hello to everyone, I am a newby on here (although I used to post just after my diagnosis 4 years ago)
I thought that I would share this wonderfull product with you all. After having breast cancer in 02, I had all the treatments going, chemo, radio, tamoxifen, zolodex etc. I went through an early menopause. The hot flashes were inbelievable. this christmas I was talking to my super duper mother in law about not sleeping due to always being toooooooooooo hot, leaving the windows wide open (even if its -30oc) (and my poor hubbie freezing himself to death!!!)
She mentioned this ‘CHILLOW PILLOW’. So I had a look on their website and it said all this amazing stuff about helping with hot flashes, very good for patients are undergoing chemo, radio etc. so I thought ‘what the hell’ I’ll buy myself one (now they are not cheap £23). I have had it 3 days now and let me tell you what a difference it has made to my sleep. I’ve put a link here so you can have a look for yourselves. soothsoftshop.co.uk/index.php
If it works for me then, I am not going to keep this info to myself, I want everyone to benefit.