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This is my first post! First and foremost google is the devil, all I am doing is driving myself insane. I am a 31 year old mother of 2. Long story short my mother is the only one in our family to have been diagnosed with breast cancer (currently in remission). Ok cut to the chase, I have been having a pain in my left breast that goes through to my back, I have a mass in my breast not necessarily a lump. It’s not painful at all and one very weird thing my daughter happened to notice is the breast is significantly smaller than the right breast. I also experienced swelling on the left side on my upper back, collar bone area, and left arm. Also when I called the obgyn she saw me two day’s later and they scheduled the mammogram & ultrasound for the same day. I was sent for mammogram & ultrasound they saw some clogged lymph nodes in my armpit which was why I had the swelling. I was supposed to go for biopsy this coming Monday but rescheduled due to being in college so I go January 31st (no class on fridays). I also noticed my areola is smaller than the other & my nipple is way more sensitive than the other. 

thank you so much for reading & responding!

Mommy of 2, glad you have jumped on here, you are doing right thing getting everything checked out so well done you, my only bit of advice is to not delay your appointment again and get seen so you know one way or the other. Use the forum, use the someone like me option use the ask the nurse option on here. Again well done for taking action and getting appointment. Please let us know how you get on ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx