Well just cant believe it.What next!!

Cant believe it woke up this morning to hear an issue on my local radio and thinking obviously not with cancer patients just dismissed it.Only to come down stairs and hear on bbc news that middle aged women who have two drinks a day will be help themselves more against diseases like CANCER ect than if they dont drink at all.
After beating myself up since may for drinking and what impact has it had on me getting BC they have now come up with that!!!
Next they will be saying fruit and veg is bad for you. Just goes to show that you should just try to have a healthy diet with everything in moderation and until there is definate evidence for or against eating anything just try to keep healthy .
I have beaten myself up so much about this issue .Sorry rant over now xx

LOL hope that made you feel a bit better!!
What great news hey?? The humble grape is under the microscope for many healing properties, I was only reading yesterday about some research being done in the States. Seems everything from the stalk to the skin has some fantastic properties. Plus they are delicious too, especially when fermented :slight_smile:
Jude x

Fear not, by 7:30 they had wheeled out the Doc to put us all right! Its bad for you regarding BC apparently but as usual no explanation as to why.

I thought for a minute that OAL had infiltrated the BBC! :slight_smile:

DaisyGirl xx

Lol im a woman after OAL heart .Have cut down drastically though but still enjoy the odd cider. Wine used to be my tipple but it tastes awful on chemo .Perhaps a good thing !!!


Saw this on the news & then read article on-line. Bit late for me as already had BC; picked up with type 2 diabetes at pre-op tests; suppose it could still help my heart so off on hols next week might just have a tipple or 2.

Take care

2 glasses off wine a night are better than drinking lots in one go…IF you r over 50 all according to the good old Daily Mail!

Well it just goes to show. edited by moderator
Is anyone else old enough to remember the scares about the next ice age being on its way?? Now the experts tell us to worry about global warming. (oops! stop press, its climate change at the moment)

Then butter was bad for you, I refused to eat the axel grease they sold in tubs and guess what–the experts discovered that was bad for you. I bet the pure beef lard i use for frying will come into its own one day too.

Next it was eggs. I love eggs. I get pasture fed which are better for you than free range and have always eaten lots despite them supposed to have been a death sentance, and last year the experts joined my and said they are ok.

I think the next one to hit the headlines will be cholesterol. i refuse to worry about mine. I got it checked because my daughter is worried about my diet, it was just slightly above the current normal level (did you know they changed the normal level) I expected a rant from the doctor but she said, if you are worried I can suggest ways to lower it, but we are starting to be more relaxed about cholesterol nowadays. I was in a rush and did not have time to question her why the change in attitude. But it sounds like the experts will be joining me on that one too.

Today its alcohol–whippee!!

And I still wear my yellow wellies, I bet the daily mail was wrong about that too.

12 years ago i remember reading that there are lower numbers of cancer in china…this was said to be down to the fact that they dont have milk/dairy in their diet,(well babies do) my OHs aunt (by marrige) had just died from BC and had been told to take as much dairy as possible during treatment…
one day we might get an answer!

It has been known for a long time that people who drink in moderation live longer than both heavy drinkers and those who don’t drink at all. Small amounts of alcohol have a protective effect against other health problems, such as heart disease and stroke. Overall the protective effect outweighs the negative effect for breast cancer. This is for populations as a whole (ie there will be extra breast cancer deaths but more will be saved from say heart attacks and strokes), but I think it also holds true if you have had breast cancer (not sure here so please feel free to correct me)- ie if you drink in moderation you are more likely to get a recurrence but less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke.

I will admit, I have cut down a lot since I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I still allow myself some wine one evening a week, but only on one evening - the only time I really go over this is when I am on holiday or perhaps away at the weekend. I also don’t drink if I’m out for lunch.

For me, it’s as much to do with when I was having a drink pre BC, I liked to have a cigarette with it as well. This was the only time I ever used to smoke. I did not have a daily tobacco habit, it was purely social. I will also admit I have had the odd lapse on the Silk Cut front in the past 5 years, but if it’s happened it’s been 10 fags over a period of 7 days. Sounds daft, but I have a friend whose 87 year old mum has smoked 2 cigarettes after dinner every evening of her adult life.

“12 years ago i remember reading that there are lower numbers of cancer in china…this was said to be down to the fact that they dont have milk/dairy in their diet,(well babies do)”

Aye, but those babies are imbibing of human milk, not the cow’s milk that I, my late brother and my kids are intolerant to. None of us have intolerance to human milk, just the cow juice.

I remember about 20 (?) years ago -we were all going to die of the Herpes virus- what happened to that?
I’m sitting here with a glass of Australian red!

Now thats not fair Slendablenda ive got chemo tom so no glass of Australian red for me :frowning:

“I’m sitting here with a glass of Australian red!”

I am about to pour mine

Stop it now you are all being so unfair .Im sat here with my barley lemon juice :frowning:

Unfortunately tonight’s online edition of the Daily Wail says researchers are now saying alcohol does cause cancer. Something about the ethanol in it. Think I’ll just keep going the way I am as I don’t know what to believe at all these days!

then why is my tomaxifan have ethanol as the main ingredient?? its stronger than wine.

Aren’t you supposed to drink the night before chemo…ooopps lol xx

I asked my surgeon about drinking and she was very relaxed about it and said the link was between only 'heavy ’ drinking and bc. I didn’t ask what constituted ‘heavy’, I should have done. But my oncologist had said that I shouldn’t have more than two glasses at one time. So there doesn’t seem to be a clear line, even in the same hospital!


“But my oncologist had said that I shouldn’t have more than two glasses at one time”

That’s perhaps as well as presumably you only have two hands…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Happen to be a TT kind of a girl but it’s intriguiing how much muddled and contradictory stuff is out there.