Well my lovies ive got one more rad to go tmrw...and guess what ive suddenly gained

Good evening ladies, i hope your all holding up although,  think our poor boobs are getting frazzled now, my nip like one of the fried eggs u drop in pain and it does turn out too welll flat as well in the bargin. So im not looking forward to having it fried bit more. 

And as ive only one rads left tomorrow , low and behold my fones started ringing…" oh hope you go on ok tomrw lastone " dear god give me strength, where have they been for last 4mths. Makes my blood boil. How did the think i felt at aintree on my own everyday, scared apprehensive, never asked how i got there when i felt rough or how i got home. I am disgusted and hurt. 

Im very grateful for my treatment but as for myvsupport network well here i am…with all you incredidible ladies , whom have gone through far more…yet stilll take time out to help other. Your my virtual family now i get comfort and support, someone usually be along to bob up and help.


But can i say its been a pleasure with he july aug rads weve had such a laugh along the way, and some sadness too but weve jollied everyone along. So im soo grateful to you all ur amazing …


And my special thank goes to Mcnullcc Chris…what a beautiful lady, every single morning this lady has texted me on the dot, cos she knew i was sat alone in clatterbridge feeling scared and weary. Id see her text pop up words of encouragement… and as for her hubby offer t take me to clatterbridge wirrall on a bank holday…well there are no words for that type of kindness… i love you my lovely lady…thanku from bottom of my heart, and i hope you will be in my life for longvtime to come, Im ringing one extra bell for you tomorrow xxxxxxxx

Hello Lucaboo,


Yay, last one tomorrow, fried boob (definitely not over easy !) hopefully will begin to chill after a week or so…

With you all the way re belated support messages, how do they have the conscience? Never mind, you soldiered on and got through it yourself, you brave soul.

Cheers to Chris for giving you that much needed daily support, deffo! Wonderful people on here and I for one will never be able to thank them enough…but hey, just keep hearing bells in your dreams tonight… many hugs…



Aahhh, best wishes Lucaboo xx
Yes, you certainly find out who your friends are!
Sadly, only those who have been through it, really understand.
You will still feel the effects of the treatment for a few weeks yet, so take it easy and keep drinking the water.
Sue xx

Lucaboo. Sue thank you for your lovely words but I have to say that you have been an inspiration to me. We have supported each other through this along with all the other ladies on here and I for one will never forget the kindness advice and love and support shown to me on this forum. I know I can always come back here for advice or just to rant and there will be someone who will get back to me with words of comfort and support. Onwards and upwards ladies but hopefully we won’t loose touch we still have a long way to travel yet xx

Well done lucaboo. Lovely words and know where you are coming from. Bell ring on the horizon end of active treatment. Come join us in the first few weeks after treatment thread. OMG the bell loud and clear.

Thankyou all you lovelies who took the time to comment and support me. Ive finnished this afternoon but i didnt ring the bell i just ran. To be honest it was full of the elderly patients today and after 2 hr wait my sense of humour had left lol i didnt get the enthusiasm to ring the bell…but none the less i was glad to just get out never t go back. So ill be joining u ladies on first few weeks thread. Thankyou everyone hope your all feeling better each day …love and hugs xxxx

Lucaboo - Sue Yes!! Finally crossed the finishing line sending loads of hugs xx I will ring my door bell for you. You have been so brave and put up with so much. Well done bravest of ladies xx



Great, finally finished and out of there as fast as you could go, bet they could not see you for dust!

Bless you, hope you now join the ‘recently finished’ thread and lend your valued support, (especially as you didn’t get much support from your own loved ones, still think that is the pits…?) …looking forward to getting through these next important steps, aren’t we all…?


Well done, you had it harder than you deserved but got there ! 



There will always be someone here to help, so stick around as long as you need. Also, you maybe able to share your experiences with the newbies.
You may find the Hormone Therapy section helpful, if you are still on meds. Plus the Moving Forward after Cancer too.
It takes time to recover. Others may think that it’s all over now, but for you, it will take some time.
Take it easy Ladies and sending best wishes.
Sue xx

Yay Lucaboo…I’m not far behind you…5 to go! So pleased for you and like you it’s been great on here with all the other girls for support xoxox

Thanku janebelinda glad for rads t be over. I hope urs flies by …you will soon be joining us on the ’ first few weeks thread’ . .big hugs xxx