Well that was a bit of a shocker!

Hi all. 

Found a lump coming up 4 weeks during my cycle. Saw GP next day who referred for urgent appointment. Long story short I managed to get a same day cancellation last Wednesday. 

As the lump is soft, moveable and has decreased in size since my period I went along fully expecting to be told it’s all fine. And indeed when the Consultant examined me she said it feel like a cyst or lipoma. 

Two hours later after mammograms and ultrasounds and the Consultant is stood atcthe end of the bed saying “there are two lumps and one is definately cancer”. 

They took 4 biopsies and put in 2 clips rady for surgery and I’m back tomorrow (hopefully) for the grade results and to discuss the plan of attack. The surgeon did say she wants to get me in ASAP before Covid19 becomes a real problem in our area.

As a single Mum to 2 girls (11 + 14) I’ve had to get friends on board quickly so that kids, dog etc are all sorted when when needed and my friends have been amazing. 

I’ve not been able to tell my parents yet. Dad has cancer and Mum has had cancer. They’re isolating due to the virus and I know they won’t cope well with the news and won’t cope well that they can’t do anything to help. I’m hoping (realistically or not) to be able to hang off telling them until I’ve had my surgery. 

Next big hurdle is telling the kids tomorrow after my appointment. I know they’ll be upset. I also know they will be fine as long as I maintain the positivity. 

All that being said, I’ve had the mood swings from hell since Wednesday. From rage to tears to sadness. I’m not scared. I’m sad about lots of aspects. I get moments of just being utterly overwhelmed by it all but just trying to stay on that steady line as  much as I can. 

Sorry for the ramble. Wanted to offload a bit this morning. My mothers day breakfast and pressies have set me off again lol 


Hi ElliesStar,  Welcome to the forum but sorry you find yourself here in the club none of us wanted to join.  It’s really tough at first.  I felt bad giving loved ones news that would make them sad and I agree maintaining positivity helps them to cope.  It certainly did for me.   The COVID19 social isolation makes treatment/appointments a bit more awkward to navigate but if you end up having chemo the way you live is very similar to social isolation rules.  I had stage 3 breast cancer in March 2017 and after chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I’m still here and doing very well.  It’s going to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I can assure you that you can still get through it whether you laugh or cry so don’t feel you have to bottle things up all of the time.

Here’s my story which you may find some comfort from as well as some useful information:  lifeafterlola.com/

Best wishes to you and your family on Mother’s Day. Xxx

Well that’s interesting! I still haven’t told my parents either, imagine the stress. I went to see my GP in August, went to the clinic, they said that all was fine, I must have bruised my breast…WHAT! but I wasn’t happy.  Went back again in January, I was a pain - I can feel the lump and eventually had a biopsy - results 30th Jan with grade 3 cancer.

Its now removed (had a lumpectomy) and tomorrow due for a session pre radiotherapy…my anger has kept me going. Supposing I didn’t go with my gut instinct, where would I be now?

I have to suppress my feelings in front of my husband and three teenage boys and feel alone on this crazy journey especially during this crazy time…roll on tomorrow!