Went wrong

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What went wrong? ???

That’s what I thought, what a brilliant question.


I guessed it was probably due to the photos, but I still like this thread.


Let me think - what went wrong?


When they changed the Marathon bar to the Snickers bar - so wrong.


They changed them to ‘Starburst’ 


and do do you remember Oil of Ulay, which is now Olay.



Starwars movies order: The old ones first, then the new ones after. The other way round is so wrong.

The Hobbit, should never have been made into 3 films.


It was a small, lovely book.

I completely refuse to call Opal Fruits “Starburst.” They will always be Opal Fruits to me. Harumph. 

I still call them Opal fruits and the kids have no idea what they are, so I have to show them. ???

Definitely- Woolies closing, spent many an hour in there.

Ugly mutt Cumberbatch being cast as Khan - so, so wrong. 

Lord Toffingham ice lollies. They should never have been stopped.


Bloody love flying saucers ??

Who remembers the original centre of milky ways? just not the same anymore ??

Hope everyone is ok

Oooh a very uninteresting fact … I sat and got paid for the marketing and changing of name from opal fruits to starburst … of course I was one who was totally against the name change … will always be opal fruits to me ??