West lancashire/Lancashire areas; anyone interested in coffee and chat group meet up post/during tre

Hi anyone in West lancashire/Southport/Sefton etc areas interested in a coffee and chat group, to offer support and friendly listening ear to each other? 


I am post treatment following mastectomy and waiting for reconstructive surgery. Work part-time, forum is great but would be lovely to meet with other women. The support group I was offered followign surgery was out of my area, as was the hospital.


If anyone would like to join us for coffee and chat, that would be great. Whatever you surgery/diagnosis, would be lovely to hear from you.


Could be once a month, or more often. Whatever people think.

Hi Pauline,
I’m interested, coffe and chat with others in a similar situation would be lovely.
I live in Southport.

Hi June,

Thats great to hear back from you. Perhaps you would like to private message me and we can try and set something up in Southport, as thats not far for me. Or if you prefer to message me on here, whichever. Hope to hear back and take care. X

Hi again,
I’ve sent you a private message, but it came saying there are 2 Pauline52 on this forum so hopefully it’s gone to the correct one ?
If you don’t receive please pm me direct and let me know when you’d like to meet etc.

Hi June I replied to your message you sent me via inbox x