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hi i live in pontefract and looking for ppl local who have gone through or going through the same as me :)i was diagnosed last jan and had a lumpectomy feb then a mastectomy march, then had 8 los of chemo and 3 weeks of radio, im now on tamoxifen and awaiting recon surgery

Hi Kaz
I’m in Huddersfield. Had lumpectomy and lymph node removal at Pontefract five years ago. I had 20 days of radiotherapy but no chemo.
When asked for nationality I say Yorkshire.
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sounds like your doing fine, thats great to hear , although i live in ponty i had my 1st surgery in dewsbury and my second in ponty had my chemo in ponty and redio in leeds all staff are fab cant fault any of the care ive recieved its been 1st class xx

Hi Kaz
Have you heard about the Haven in Leeds. Don’t know how to describe it but it is a charity run place that provides therapy and support for people who have or have had BC and their families. I heard about it on the Forum and I’ve been going for the past few weeks. It is an amazing place and the staff are fantastic. I don’t know how to do links but just Google it and have a look.
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