What a day today

I had to leave for my hospital at 06.30 this morning, fortunately in France you are allowed to get a taxi which is covered by our healthcare here, the taxi driver’s first news was about Michael Jackson.

Arrived at the hospital at 9 am for a heart scan (because of being on Herceptin)- all was well with this, the reading was 71%.

Went to the Dept to see the Onc and have the Herceptin, waited 2 hours to see the Dr.

I mentioned about the cough I have and the breathlessness which has got to the point that even when I am sitting down, doing a bit of gardening with a trowel, so not very active really, I end up huffing and puffing and fighting to breathe.

I was then sent off for a chest xray, and had a few blood tests, I’m not sure what they were checking but I do know it wasn’t for tumour markers.

Results came back of chest xray, everything ok and nothing suspect showed up - relief.

But, I now have to go and have an echocardiogramme of the heart in case it is that causing the problems. I’m confused about this as I can’t understand why the heart scan I had to day was good - any ideas?

Ended up back home at 18.00 - so after almost 12 hours I’m exhausted.

Hope the cough mixture she’s given me helps me sleep.

Carole - i had a chest xray, blood tests and an ecg when i first went to my gp about the breathlessness… i was told the blood tests were checking to see if i had a pulmonary embolisism… (know i’ve spelt that wrong… lol). Sorry you’ve had such a tiring day…:frowning: I’ve just seen your post about your arm - and it sounds exactly like mine…



Oh your day sounds horrible, hope you were able to rest.

Just to say the reason for echocardiogram is that they can see things in more detail and can pick up things a regular scan could have missed,also can look at all the connecting vessels to lungs and stuff. Think they are just being very thorough and covering all bases.

Hope all is well

Thanks both for your replies.

I am pleased to say that I had my first “coughless” night, so what with the cough medicine, co-codamol for my arm pain and rivotril for the leg cramps (phew)I think the combination worked and I didn’t sleep so badly for once.

Take care

Hi Peacock

Just to let you know that where I am having my Herceptin they send me for an echocardigram every 3 months just to be on the safe side. I have never had a heart scan. In England at the moment the Hay Fever season is in full swing and quite bad in some place. That makes me breathless - could it be something that simple.

Take Care


Andie the type of heart scan involves a nuclear injection and then its a similar thing to a bone scan, in fact the same machine but not such a lengthy procedure. The scan result was 71% which I think is quite good.

Thanks Glenna for explaining about an echocardiogram, I’ll make the appointment tomorrow and hopefully will have it done quite soon.

Take care all