What a relief; Size does matter


I went to see the genetics clinic yesterday following a referral to them by Onc/GP in April.

A relief after mapping family tree & confirming with all the cancer in the family (BC/Bowel mostly) we are not at anymore risk than anyone else. Due age it was dx; and hasn’t appeared in every generation which with BC is the norm.

Both parents have 6 siblings; in my mum’s case we may have been at a slightly higher risk of BC (I had DCIS diagnosed last Oct) if either she or one/two of her many sisters had also had BC. She’d had a begnin lump removed 30 years ago. No need for my younger sister to have earlier screening but as she is 49 next year she will probably be invited to normal screening anyway.

Only part which needs to passed on relates to my first cousin who died of BC at the age of 42 (she battled it for 8 years) is that her 2 daughters could ask for early screening if they wanted. So when I get my confirmation letter I’ll be passing a copy to them if they wish to follow it up.

Also reassuring that if any changes now “history” is in the system we can contact them & they will take another look.


Hi Lynne,

That is really good news and can understand your relief. I had a similar appointment a couple of weeks ago. Despite both my mum and my aunt having had bc, along with me we weren’t considered high risk. Mainly due to them both being diagnosed over 65, whereas I was 46. Again my younger sister is having mammograms yerly till she is 50 then will go on the normal 3 year screening which my older sister is (she’s 51)
It was a huge relief to me as I wasn’t sure I wanted to be tested anyway. My daughter is only 11 so will reassess situation re screening when she’s older. Like you they will keep me on file and can be seen again anytime if needed.

Janey xx