What a year....

This is my first post here and having had to join you all hope i can get a little help from you lovely folks!
Last Nov my 26 year old daughter was dx with grade 2 1cm IDC that was HER2+ we were all shocked and having watched her undergo chemo, radio and now herceptin very bravely has been difficult…I have another daughter and sons too youngest aged 8
As a result and knowing my gran died of it and that my estranged late mother possibly had it I started genetic
investigations. The genetic centre was amazing and confirmed my mother had died of it and as a result I was sent for a mamogramme…that was in July.
It has been unreal since then as first I was referred, then biopsied for something small and suspicious, and on 6th Aug told I too had idc, grade 2 and 1.8cm! I could not find a lump and neither could anyone else…its in an odd place and I have fairly small but quite naturally lumpy boobs
Had mastoplexy to remove it and snb
Today got results…1.9cm, grade 3 HER2+, ER+, too close margins and in nodes…so back to the hospital on Monday for anc and re opening of the boob job to dig out a lot more. Also being booked in for a CT scan…To say I am a bit shell shocked is an understatement, I am 49 and very fit and active!
I also have no spleen due to an accident as a child so there are concerns about that and chemo, which it looks like I will get. Is there anyone here who can give me any info about chemo if you have a reduced immune system due to no spleen?

Thanks guys

Dear lostinfrance,

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about chemotherapy and immunity issues but I’m sure someone who does will be around shortly. This forum is fantastic for both info and support.

What a huge amount you and you poor family have had to deal with - I’m so sorry. I’ll be thinking of you on Monday - hope it goes well.

Hi, sorry you had to join us here but hopefully, you can find a lot of support! I would suggest you ring the helpline or send your question via the ask a nurse service to BCC. They are probably better equipped to answer your question. Otherwise, after your surgery when you meet your oncologist, he will most likely explain the risks etc. to you. Good Luck. xx

Hi lostinfrance

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, I hope you will find them a great source of information and support.

As Tina has mentioned please do call the BCC helpline and talk things through with one of our trained members of staff. Everyone working on the helpline either has experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse and will offer you a listening ear as well as answer any questions you may have. The number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 2.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes

Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi lostinfrance
I’m afraid I’m unable to answer your questions but I just wanted to offer my sympathy and support. You’ve had a tough year. I’ll be thinking of you on Mon. By the way, I’ve used the BCC helpline myself and found it very supportive and informative. Take care.
Annys xxxxxxxx

Thanks chaps!
Breast care nurse rang to say I will be seeing the oncologist on 5th Oct and they have a special protocol for people like me Hurrah!They want to get started asap.
Also said that it was only one of the 2 nodes that was affected and it was micro and didn’t look too bad…can any one here explain what micro involvenent is?
I’m hoping that the nodes are not too badly involved! They have decided that CT scan will not be necessary at this point…wish they said that yesterday!
Will be going home with a drain in node removal site but she said I should be ok after a week or so…phew!
So…I want to know now the best place to start looking for wigs…ones that are a little bit wacky and different…like me!

hi lostinfrance

just to let you know I am thinking of you and your daughter. My mum got diagnosed last year and and has had a mast and I have got diagnosed with BC a few weeks ago and came out of hospital yesterday I got a lump removed and a sentinal node removed I get my results next friday.

Please keep strong and positive. love melanie x

Hi Melanie
Keep ur chin up! I had a mammoplasty to remove the lump and sentinal node…but due to close margins and micro bits in the node I had to go back in 2 weeks ago to have all the nodes out and a bit more tissue taken plus a CT scan…which were all clear so I hope all yours come back clear on Friday but if not don’t worry as doing it again is not as bad as I thought it would be!
It helps in a funny sort of way to have a close relative affected as you can compare notes and help each other!
It is so scary but then there are so many of us that just about every answer to every question is on this site…will be thinking of you on Fri :slight_smile: