What are symptoms of ovarian cancer?

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Wondering if anyone can help me re the above? I was diagnosed with BC in May and had WLE and sample node removal. Radiotherapy and am now three months into my Tamoxifen. Due to family history (especially my mum having ovarian cancer at 38) and my young age, I have been seen by a geneticist and had bloods done to check for BRCA1 or 2, but it will be a few months before I get results back.

Since having my son 14 months ago, I have a dull, almost constant ache on my left hand side, where I think my left ovary is. It feels like a period-type pain, but is always only on the left. I had a coil fitted when my baby was two months old, but I have asked for an appointment next week to have it removed as I am convinced it is not in the right place.

I am now starting to really worry that it might be a tumour on my ovary. I didn’t have chemotherapy as my oncologist didn’t think it justified the 1-2 percent difference to my prognosis.

I don’t think I’m the type of person who worries that every little ache and pain is the cancer come back, but I am really worried about this.

Grateful for any help …

Shenagh x

Hi there, ovarian cancer is in my family too. I don’t have either BRCA 1 or 2 but because of my strong family history my sister had an oopherectomy a few months ago and my daughter will be screened for both breast and ovarian cancer when she’s older.
The symptoms for ovarian cancer can be very vague, my Mum had no idea she had ovarian cancer. Have you visited this site? ovacome.org.uk/
I really think because of your family history you could push for bloods (tumour markers for ovarian cancer) to be taken along with regular ultrasounds. My sister did this for a while before opting for an operation after our Mum died.
It’s horrible having such a shadow over you…I understand how you must feel, how my daughter feels, I have breast cancer with secondaries. It’s awful to be so worried…I would push for an ultrasound and regular check ups. Good Luck, Take Care…xx

Belinda, thanks so much for your prompt reply. I will have a look at the website you mentioned.

I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your mum, and also that you have secondary cancer. God, life can be a cruel sometimes can’t it. My mum survived the ovarian cancer, but eventually succumbed to pancreatic cancer when I was 19.

I have an appointment with the nurse at my GPs next Friday to have bloods done (as there has been a problem with one of my liver enzyme readings recently, maybe due to Tamoxifen) but I’m thinking of maybe changing the appointment to see the GP instead.

Thanks again for replying

Shenagh x


As Belinda has said the symptoms of ovarian cancer are very vague. My mum had it and had no idea until it was very advanced. Looking back with with hindsight she had for a few months been very tired, complained of bloating and a dull pain in the lower abdomen. I suggest you ask for a pelvic ultrasound as you may have a cyst - I had a whopping one caused by tamoxifen! CA125 blood tests can detect a tumour but they can also detect a cyst. I had a high reading prior to finding out I had a cyst and as you can imagine my mind went into overdrive! An ultrasound is your best option so push for one. Hope you don’t have to wait ages for the BRCA results.