What are the best Creams to use through Radiotherapy?

Hi, I am due to start radiotherapy in a few weeks time and have been given a list of suitable creams to start to use.    The names I have are Epaderm, Diprobase, Aquamax, Cetraben.  I have heard of others like Aveeno? and E45  -  Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.  D

Hi Deb I finished my radiotherapy last Friday & I started off using aqueous cream - as recommended - but switched to e45 which I found less greasy. I didn’t have much of a problem with my skin thankfully. A deodorant I was recommended as well is pitrok which doesn’t contain any aluminium. Plus drink plenty of water as this helps ward off tiredness. Hope some of this helps. All the best x

I havent started yet but have been told to use Aveeno , booklet also says E45 is OK. Also been told to drink lots of water too
Jen x

Hi JenJen I used E45 as the basic moisturiser, but I’m sure Aveeno would also be fine, then Ralife cream when it got more sore xx

Has anyone used pure aloe Vera gel from a plant? I’m not sure if it’s recommended but want to find out before radiotherapy starts. Works a treat on sunburn, but don’t want to use if not suitable.

Hi -  I have just finished 15 sessions of radiotherapy and luckily had no skin problems at all. I mentioned aloe vera and was advised not to use it by the radiographers. This was the general advice issued by my hospital (the Beatson in Glasgow).  I used Aveeno for my arm and am now using for my breast area and it is really good. Good luck with the radiotherapy.  Best wishes. Jill x 

I was told to only use aqueous cream, not E45. I had a slight touch of ‘sunburn’ towards the end of the 15 sessions, but nothing too painful.


It looks like different hospitals have different ideas on the subject.

Thank you for getting back so quickly - I shall double check with team here in Exeter about aloe vera and hope they say yes! I’m ahead of myself really, as still waiting on WLE next week but have been told 3 weeks of rads to come and like to plan - my pretence at control over this thing! X

Oh yes control makes such a difference. Drinking plenty of water was advised during radiotherapy which I tried to do. 


Good luck with all of your treatment. Xx

I wish there had been a similar site to this for endometrial cancer, the support here is phenomenal, thank you x

hmmm, organised or a control freak?! I think this treatment will have more impact and Anastrazole planned for me too. I like the idea of this being a blur next year. its been a long wait for surgery, as my surgeon on leave. Lots of gardening and shall save Homes under the hammer for post op! ?

I used Aveno. Keep it in the fridge the oatmeal moisturiser sinks into the tender areas. Also for the heat and hot spots under the breast after radiation is finished ask for flamazine. 

I am 17 days after my rads. I gave a fairly large & painful burn on my boob, cleavage & underneath. I have been using diprobase & recently thought I’d give aloe Vera gel a go. Not much difference so far. I whip my top off as much as I can - indoors of course! Has anyone heard of xclair? A friend in pharmacy researched it for me. Any other advice would be great. Thanks.

Meg x


A bit late but thought this may be useful for anyone else reading through.

I’m 5 days in and have been using Aloe Gel, Dr.Organic brand. 

It’s on the suggested/recommended list that Barts give and have no problems with it. I take some in a small pot and put it in straight after treatment.E45 and Aveno are on there as well as others.

I can list them all if anyone’s interested?

Kate x



I know I’m a bit late contributing to this, but I’ve just finished 20 rads & although didn’t start using E45 till about 3 or 4 rads in, I found it to be excellent, not greasy, recommended by my hospital and my skin has held up well. Also used pure organic Aloe Vera which I keep in the fridge and used right at the end of rads when boob started feeling a bit hot. I think everyone’s different so what works for some won’t necessarily work for others.

Hope this helps. ?

After i had my mapping (ct) done, i had a breast care nurse appoint and they explained the need for moisturizer etc, they actually supplied me 3 tubes of aqueus cream. i would have a shower in the morning - they recommended dove soap, no deodrants or creams until after rads and the apply aqueus as many times as i liked… the more the better. I also stored a tube in the fridge to relieve the hot feeling. After rads, i’ve still been using dove soap… my sister found a natural salt crystal deodrant - sounds mad but it works great with my chemicals or anything and i use the aqueus 3 times a day. I did have skin break and again they supplied all creams and dressings… was solugel for the skin breaks

Good evening ladies and gents,

Follwing chemo, lumpectomy and 9 lymph node removal back in June now, started radio only another 16 to go (not that im counting) I was recommended Aveno cream for my boob and scaring and organic Aloe Vera for sore bingo wing (which i keep in the fridge) I found both work well for me when applied after shower and before bedtime. 


I hope you all can find some relief in your recovery. Sending bigs hugs x