What are the side effects of Tamoxifen on anxiety

Hi all fellow BC sufferers,


I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in November 2018 after a routine mammogram. It came as a complete and utter shock, as I had not felt a lump in my breast or armpit. It took at least 6 weeks before it was diagnosed, because each time they attempted a biopsy the area bled and bruised so badly.


I had a lumpectomy on 2nd January 2019 and 15 radiotherapy sessions. I was prescribed Anastrozole  in February, but I was so poorly from taking it, so it was agreed between myself, my husband and the oncologist that I should stop taking it. Ever since the diagnosis I have suffered terribly with anxiety and major panic attacks and the Anastrozole seemed to make it worse.


However, over the last month or so I have been doing CBT on line with a supporter through Healthy Minds and my anxiety, I’m pleased to say, has subsided. I am now considering trying hormone treatment again and I’m due to see my oncologist to discuss this in the next week or so. Has anyone had any experience of Tamoxifen and it’s effect on anxiety, as I think my oncologist will probably suggest this as an alternative to Anastrozole? 








Hi welcome to the forum .I have also suffered from severe anxiety - it’s horrible .I think it is hard to tease out sometimes what is causing what .Anything that messes with your hormones has the potential to cause emotional issues /anxiety but the fallout from a cancer diagnosis can certainly have an impact too and anxiety can be due to PTSD .I found Tamoxifen quite kind in that respect but everyone is different .I have also find CBT very helpful .Have you discussed the potential benefits for you of taking Tamoxifen. versus side effects - some people have a lot more to gain from taking hormone meds than others - my gain was less than 0.5 % and given a lot of other health issues I agreed with my Oncologist not to continue .I will try to post you a link to the Predict Tool which gives you an idea of you potential benefit .