What are the symptoms of cancer going to The liver

Hi all waiting t hav a scan as bloods wer raised but wondered wat symptoms ther cud b iv got wat feels like a bruising in my bac behind my affected left breast and to side but hav had it for over a week cud b nothin things I read say Th right side just wonderd wat symptoms people had xxxx. Rozita

Sorry I can’t help with an answer - so bumping for you

Hi Rozita,

Signs that there is cancer in liver are, feeling generally unwell, lack of appetite, nausea, jaundice. It is uncommon to feel pain.

Liver function tests are not that accurate at diagnosing liver mets as a lot of things can cause a high enzymes in a test e.g. if you have drunk alcohol the night before a blood test.


It’s usually the right side for the liver - I just have a sense of discomfort there, no pain - just a bloatedness that makes me need to sit up straight and I have 4 tumours… Signs that Alex cites don’t apply to me - shows how different we all are!


The gremlins are playing up and I’m unable to start a new topic, so I’m hijacking this for a bit. Hope you dont mind.

I need some info please.

Ive had a sharp stabbing pain that comes and goes in my right side lower ribs. I was having it a lot, but thought it was stress related and since deciding that I’ve had it less. Next I noticed about 6 weeks ago that I seemed to be a little swollen in my abdomen, my tummy seemed to start from underneath my breasts, which isn’t what I usually look like. Then, 4 weeks ago I had the most terrible tummy cramps, I couldn’t sit up or eat, a swallowed codeine tablet was vomited up 10 mins after. The gp suspected gallstones, so I had an ultrasound yesterday.
The chap was as cagey as they always are when asked, but said I had 2 cysts on my liver and fluid retention “for some reason”.
So now I’m panicking. Having googled it seems that symptoms for liver mets and cysts are the same, both can cause fluid. I’m also getting full easily and feeling knackered.

Any thoughts? X

I’m sorry that you’ve been having such a difficult time of late, it sounds really rough. I have liver mets and didn’t have any symptoms at all but other ladies with liver mets have experienced pain and swelling. However, what you’re experiencing may be nothing at all to do with bc. It’s a horrible place to be, the waiting room, but until you get your results there’s no way of knowing for sure what it is.
It’s easier said than done, but try to keep distracted and busy and resist dwelling on the worst case scenario.
Do you know when you’ll get the results? Let us know how it goes and feel free to PM me if you want.
Moondog x

Hi All

I won’t say don’t panic cos you will but I had raised blood and turned out to be nothing serious, and also had pain in bottom left hand ribs and slight swelling which felt tender, also nothing! Had ct scan which showed something in liver, panic, waiting horrid then called in for ultra-sound, again panic and waiting but turned out to be cysts which had been there for years and were harmless (got the results then and there). I have everything crossed for those going through this for clear results.

Love Donna x


Well I’ve been told that it’s in my liver. To what extent I don’t know, but it must be fairly hefty as I have quite a lot of symptoms. I’m seeing onc next week (on hols at the mo, called gp for the news).

I feel sick and scared and numb.

I’m so sorry - i’ve sent you a pm x

SCACO I am so sorry… nothing I can say… just sending a hug… this d*mn disease… gutted for you. :frowning:

Hi All,
I also have liver mets, however apart from fatigue and the normal side affects of letrozole i dont feel anything else, I would say try not to worry until you get the scan results. easier said than done I know but best wishes to you

I am so sorry to hear this. Sending you lots of love xxxx

Thanks for your kind words ladies.

Im now in practical mode. I have some fluid retention in the upper abdomen, it’s really quite high and is causing me to feel really tight. Has anyone else had this, know of this? How serious a sign is it? The man at the US scan didn’t seem too bothered and I’ve seen 2 different docs these past 2 days (sickness and diarrhea which was apparently a bug. Feeling better now) and neither have said anything or suggested whisking me off to the hospital. I was given some tablets to reduce the fluid but it was after taking 1 that the vomiting and other started and although the gp said it was just a coincidence I’m a bit nervous about having another, mainly cos I’m in the isle of man and am going home on the boat tomorrow so dont need all of that going on. I’ll try again Monday.

The other thing is that I’m seeing my onc on Friday - what questions should I ask? What alternative tests should I be asking for? what shouldn’t I put up with?

I would put this in a new topic if I could but it won’t let me. I’m going to post it on a few so apologies for the repetition.



Scaco I’m sorry, I have no advice to offer but I’m sending you a gentle hug. You were kind enough to help me when I first joined the site, I hope the advice you need comes soon x

Hi staycalmandcarryon

I am sorry to read your news, please don’t forget that you can call our helpline to talk things over with one of specialist nurses, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

If it would help to read the BCC publication prior to your appointment on Friday you can do so via this link:


Take care


PS: SCACO, Noticed you saying a couple of times that you can’t start a new topic. Realised that I don’t know how to either and its because there is no “New Topic” button at the top of the latest posts list (which is how I usually come into the site).
If you go to the left hand menu bar and pick any of the headings, like I guess Secondary Treatments and Medical issues and click on it, New Topic does appear to be at the top, so I guess you pick your area and start the topic there.
Had a go at actually doing it and the forum hung up on my computer, (hey ho, can I just say that whilst its content and members are wonderful, the forum user-friendliness is not a patch on how it used to be).

SCACO, one thing that occurs after having read various other posts on secondaries is to make sure they check the hormone status of the new areas. It seems that quite a lot of people find that the ER/PR status of their secondaries can be very different to the primary but it doesn’t always seem to get checked.

Thinking of you lots - the gang are completely united around you.

Jane xxx

Am absolutely gutted to hear this. I rarely visit the site now, but you were always on and a great inspiration when I started about 18 months ago, your posts always gave me a laugh, I even thought about your post about picking blackberries with your son this morning when I picked some myself. This must have knocked you sideways. Just shxte.
Hope you’re holding up.

I am only trying to work through what I would ask from reading various threads, but I guess I would want to know:

How many lesions?
Are they the only spread?
If only these, how best can I zap them directly via radio ablation / cyberknife and/or get them surgically removed
How best can I alleviate any symptoms I have as a result of the mets - eg: maybe draining fluid, managing discomfort etc
What is the gold standard chemo for liver mets (I see mention of chemos which may be milder in their SEs but are having good effect. I notice VerityC, who you might PM, talking about what we hope is a similar situation to yours in that this is the only spread and having good results on reducing the lesions. What has she done, what has worked?

Agree with Jane on the biopsy of the new areas, I have also seen people where they have flipped (I think Lemongrove recently) and maybe herceptin or some other treatment would be effective and they might no longer respond to tamoxifen, so pushing for a biopsy seems like a good idea.

We are all here for you any time, Sue xxx