What bra to buy?



Can someone advise me?  I had mx and reconstruction on Friday with implant.  Does anyone know what type of bras Ishould be looking at and why to buy as I will need different sized ones over the coming weeks before I reach the correct size?



I got a couple of hook and eye bra extenders from eBay party4nation, there have a big range of colours and hook numbers so if you have wire free bras you could wear them with extenders. 

I wore stretchy  crop tops, usually 2 at a time … I’m larger breasted… day and night,  and  at Amazon marielle underwear  very wide range of colours and I think good value. These are nylon, I searched and searched for cotton but couldn’t find any. I did go mad and order a couple of silk ones form Patra, but I’m returning them because they are coming apart…

Hope that helps, other women have recommended  Asia and good ol’ M&S,

Good luck with your recovery, xx