What can I do for my elephant legs???

Hi there,

Some of you may know me for being out and about a lot, eating lots of lunches :o)

I do have this horrid on going thing called water retention , in my legs that make them blow up so much, they could belong to an elephant!!! I do have fairly large ears, so not sure if its an african or asian one LOL.

They are just permantly large and very heavy which is impacting all the walking involved of lunching… I wear made to measure pressure stockings daily and take 2 doses of water tablets and rub them down in moisturiser every night but nothing seems to be working. Now I wake up with cramp in my legs too (which is why I am up now…

Any suggestions would help, I do drink lots of water and eat so much fruit and veg too.

Luv to all

Clare xxx

Aww Clare sorry cant help but wanted to give u gentle hug apart from you having them up as much as poss that’s all I know the cramp is awful hope you get some rest xx

Hi Clare,

Sorry to hear this - I too have had swollen legs, mine following a DVT.

All the things you are doing are what I was told to do too, the only other thing, which you may be doing anyway, is to try to elevate your legs, especially at night. I have a special angled pillow designed for people with varicose veins, but to be honest my legs tend to come off the sides of that anyway. The most effective way for me was to stick a thick pillow under the mattress so that the whole bottom of the bed rises up. It feels really weird at first, but worked for me.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Morning Clare , I suppose we could hang you upside down on the clothers line!!! What a drag…literally. Elevate them as much as possible, doing the usual paddling of the feet every five minutes as if you were on a plane. That posh bed might do it . If not a few bricks. If you are on the sofa get them up as high as possible. The trouble is you are sitting on your drainage tubes. So wriggle wriggle wriggle and squeeze all muscles
As for the CRAMP yuck…the reason for that is the water tablets probably. You could get quinine Sulphate tablets to help alleviate this. They do work very well.
If you go to Katherine House get them to give you a cushion to sit upon similar to an airflow bed.
Have a lively day as usual… It is very dull in Brill so it will be with you.
Big big Hug

There are gadgets you can get, similar to what is used to prevent DVTs during surgery, which work by alternately squeezing and then releasing the leg in sequential segments from toe to groin by pneumatic pressure; I have seen them advertised to help with lymphoedema but I don’t know if they’re any good. You’d definitely want to be lying down for an hour or so, and the leg would be attached to the airpump machine by tubing so if you roll a lot like I do, you could get tangled up :frowning: . The local lymphoedema nurses should know more about this, it may be something that works for some people but not others. In your position i think i would try most things. You might be able to hire one to try for a few nights?


eg. hadhealth.com/haddenham.asp?textpage=hcFlow&mainpage=healthcare

Hope that helps.