What can I expect?

Hi All.

Hope your all feeling ok on this lovely summers day.

I’m back to see the consultant following diagnosis on 10/5. Had my MRI on 17/5 so will get the results from that.
What are they likely to tell me tomorrow, any ideas?



After.my MRI they could tell me the size of the tumour, what treatment plan I was best to have (chemo to try and shrink the tumour before surgery) if it can be a simple lumpectomy or maybe a mastectomy. X

Thanks Queenbee. Hopefully I will know a bit more tomorrow then x

Ollybobs, when the team have the results of your biopsies and scans they will know what type of cancer you have, the size of the tumour, the stage it is at and what treatment (or pathways ) you will be offered. You will be offered a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. They should know if any lymph nodes are involved. whatever the outcomes please be assured that BC is very treatable, and the pathways will be designed with you in mind. Best of luck . Let us know how you get on. X

Thank you Anniej. Feeling nervous about it all now.

Ollybobs how did you get on? X

Hi All.
Mammogram has been reviewed again with MRI it has showed a bigger area than first expected. Mastectomy is the better option With or without reconstruction. I’ve opted without as I would prefer to have it removed and if later decide a reconstruction I will have one. Less risks with infection as only one operation site. I’m happy with this decision and had made my mind up before I went today that I would go with this option if I needed to. Having another ultrasound next week 1/6 to look at lymph nodes again. Pre op and ultrasound results 8/6. Then op 16/6 at least I have dates now xx Thanks for asking xx

Thank you Anniej. Have some set dates is helping. Will keep you all posted xx