What can I take for constipation

Hi, I’d like some advice please about what I can take for constipation. I already eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, try to drink enough water, and I’m still very active, which I know should all help.
Last month I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer and also secondary breast cancer throughout my bones. Last Wednesday I started targeted cancer treatment of daily tablets of Ribociclib (Kisqali) 3x200mg which I take along with Letrozole (Femara). Last week I also had an injection of Denosumab for my bones.
Last Friday I was in a lot of pain in my lower back due to the constipation, and also had the problem of watery poo leaking around the hard poo stuck in my back passage. I spent most of the morning hanging around near the loo. That night I took Senokot which was a great help the next morning to get things moving. I’m feeling constipated again today however I don’t know whether it is ok for me on the above drugs to take Senokot a few times a week? Or are there other things for constipation that I should take instead?
Thank you very much for your help

Kéfir has been my saving grace throughout chemo and has dealt with constipation overnight every single time! I also noticed that my mood was infinitely better when I take it consistently and replenish my gut flora. Others in our group tried kefir too and found it sorted their guts out too x

Thank you for the tip about kefir. My husband has a culture on the go and consumes some every morning. I tried some a couple of years ago and didn’t like the taste. Sounds like I should definitely try some again!

I’m a total baby about it and I take two big swigs followed by M&S Belgian Chocolate milk to get rid of the taste! You’re not alone! :joy:

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I take Cosmicol every other day. This seems to keep everything ok. It softens the stools. I was hospitalised last year with diverticulitis caused by Palbociclib and constipation. Cosmicol is the same as Laxidol, Movicol, and similar products and if you are in the UK you can get it prescribed by your GP. Hope this helps and good luck.

Thanks for your advice. Good luck to you too.

I was constipated during my 5 mo of chemotherapy (and now I have diarrhea with abemacyclib, not sure what is better !) I was prescribed Movicol by my Oncologist for the constipation and it helped but I didn’t want to be dependant of it and my acupuncture therapist recommended Optifibre (it’s from vegetal origin). It softens the stools and worked really well for me. I tried chia seeds too in addition.

Hi @inmybones,
You can buy Lactulose in the chemist, it’s an oily liquid that oils the poo to help it pass easier!! Or ask your GP to prescribe it. I’ve had 4 months of diarrhoea but now struggling with constipation!! :see_no_evil:

Thank you

Thank you, oiling it sounds a good idea!

I feel your pain, your poor tummy doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. I found that senna tablets in the evening helped me and they are completely natural so won’t interfere with your current treatment. Also licorice, you can but sticks of it, again all natural which will hopefully help. I was told I couldn’t have the gut friendly drinks etc so just check with your treatment team. Hope it all settles soon, lots of love xx

Hi Smurf69, thank you

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Ribociclib can cause changes to the digestive system as can letrozole.

Constipation can be very uncomfortable but there are a range of things that can help. You mention drinking plenty of fluids and eating fruit and veg which will help. As you are on treatment it would be important to contact your treatment team for advice on what its best to take in your individual situation. They would want to know about any side effects or symptoms you are experiencing.

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