What can I wear?

Hello Everyone

I’m booked in for an mx on 4 Nov. At this stage I don’t know if it will be with immediate recon as I’ve yet to have the SNB (21 Oct) and so I don’t yet know if I’ll need rads.

In an effort to stave off the anxiety/fear I’m trying to concentrate on the practicalities and get myself organised with having the most appropriate stuff to wear. I have front fastening pjs and I’ve read on the postings that a front fastening support bra is good. On leaving the hosp and at home, will I be able to wear a baggy t shirt or do I need front-opening shirts, cardies etc? If I’m buying new stuff, should I get a size larger than I would normally buy?

I will hopefully have the help of family and friends but I live alone so I’m trying to make sure I’m well prepared for looking after myself so I’d be grateful for any other advice .

Thanks very much.

Hi White Daisy

Looks like you’ve got the hosp stuff covered.

Your arm and shoulder mobility post op will really depend on a) If you have lymph nodes removed and b) If you go for an immedaite recon.

I had both (the recon was LD flap, using muscle from my back) and so that side was a bit stiff and sore to start with - you also have to be careful at first that you are gently stretching tissue, rather than doing too much and interfering with the healing process.

Pull over the head stuff was OK, but it had to be baggy/stretchy and had to put the ‘bad’ side on first.


Thanks for your advice, DJ007. I went to Asda to look for baggy tops but couldn’t find any. Most of the stuff they had was lower neck and I want high round necks. They had some nice post-surgery bras (although not front fastening) for £4 (or it might have been £6) but not in my size. I will have to try again.

I forgot to look for night shirts which I’m going to get to wear at home because I get too warm in pjs.

I won’t get the results of the SNB until two days before the mx so I don’t know whether I’ll be able to have an immediate recon or not yet. I’m aslo waiting for the results of an MRI (will get them this Wed 19 Oct). They wanted to check the other breast but they say they’re not expecting any probs with it. But then that’s what they said about this one which turned out to be high grade DCIS and a bit of invasive!

All the time I’m feeling sick with worry, interspersed with sudden surges of fear. At the moment I feel I’m trying to fight a battle with an enemy but I don’t know how powerful it is and, most importantly, where it is.

I’m sorry to go on so. I only asked for advice on what to wear and you get chapter and verse!!

Thanks for reading. xx

Hi WD, I’m 2 weeks down the line after radical Mx and level 3 ANC. That has resulted in a painful, stiff, swollen arm and armpit and swollen chest/side/under shoulder blade. No recon.

That means that after 10 days I could get tops on without button fronts IF they had very short sleeves, baggy armholes, wide but high neckline and baggy-ish fit. Getting them on is much easier than getting them off!

This was my choice to try them because button-through shirts became intolerably scratchy due to a very sore seroma and over-sensitised upper arm.

I still can’t wear a bra due to the seroma which is swollen right around the bra-band area for about 35 cm. I’m wearing a microfibre vest with a shelf, two sizes too big (so shelf fits round seroma).

Topping all of this I’m using zip-fronted hoodies to keep warm.

If you don’t have a seroma nor an ANC you’ll find things easier, I believe.