what can this be

hi every 1 i have recently found that my left breast has swollen a great amount an my nipple is twice it size an i have a feeling of burning also there is a lump at the bass of my nipple an its really red with like white spots under the skin can any one give me some idea of what this might be I an 28 an have three kids an extremely worried about this thanks

Hi Maggie,

I am assuming because you are on a breast cancer forum you are worried about the possibility of it being breast cancer. I would not delay visiting your GP and asking for a prompt referal to a breast clinic/hospital. Better safe than sorry so don’t waste time. I know a lot of GPs say it is unlikely at your age - but our forums make it clear to us that it does happen.


if its red and burning it could just be an infection which antibiotics could clear up, but its hard to say and u need to get it checkouted out to be sure. good luck. x

Agree with Dawn and Lizzie.
Make an urgent appt with your GP and ask for a referral. Antibiotics will sort it out if it is an infection and if not by the time you finish the course you should have received a clinic appt.
Please let us know how you get on,
Jackie x