What deodorant to use following lymph node removal

Hi everyone

Has anyone any idea if it is ok to use deodorant after lymph node removal.   Now the hot weather is here it is more of an issue for me



Hi Annie, you don’t say how long it is since you had your lymph nodes removed. I didn’t use anything for a about 4 weeks but then went back to using dove as it is gentle and have had no problems.  Other ladies might have more opinions so wait  for more rep,it’s to get a better picture

Yeh Annie - I was the same as with Bondgirl.

You’ll be absolutely fine, it having been a year. No SWEAT - haha, I’m so corney.

And please allow me to “Welcome” you here. Hope to see you in some of the chats, if you’ve time and you’re interested to. I’m a frequenter of “Benchland” and “Just Diag and need someone. . .” Both on this same section.

How you doing flower with it all and everything?? Well?  OK? I’m hoping.

Lotsa love from Delly xxx

Ps. Good to see you again Bondgirl. You also doing okay - I hope so. BTW - always meant to ask which Bondgirl you liken yourself to?? xx 

Hi Aniewol   I am new to forum.   Congrats on first year clear:catvery-happy:  I used Sanex shower Gel and any good deodorant with “nothing in it” so nothing would irritate. I used deod 8 weeks after surgery (GP said OK) suppose everyone sweats differently and heals at different rates, if in doubt phone your breast care nurses I found them great. 

I had lumpectomy/2 lymph nodes and had my first year check last week, crikey was I a wreck.   I have worried at every little bumpy bit in boob or under arm since surgery up to check up last week.   We went on holiday to Turkey (no jolly hols last year for me when diagnosed) and came back 2 days before appointment I was so relieved when I came out.

I did say to Consultant I listen but then it doesnt seem to stay in.  I presume now that they send for you every year up to five???    so are they saying it is more likely to return (secondary?) in those five years and I m playing russian roulette risks are lower after five years???    I was triple negative so dont have tablets and speciaist decided not to give Chemo due to heart condition only had 15 radiotherapy.

Take care be positive about each year. X

Hi marmaris, I was diagnosed April 14 with grade 2 invasive lobular and invasive ducal with lymph node involvement, had lumpectomy and full node clearance. Mastectomy was suggested by oncologist but my amazing surgeon said lets go for a phased approach in that we do the lumpectomy and sentinel node clearance first then do the chemo. After chemo had surgery for clear margins and full node clearance - both clear. He said if nodes or clearance wasn’t clear then he would do a mastectomy. I trusted him completely and glad I took his advise.


I have recently asked my oncologist this same question as I have been struggling with taking tamoxifen. I told him I don’t want to take it or can I Take it for 6 weeks and have a break of 2 weeks. This is because I seem to be able to tolerate until the 7 week mark and I Just go into meltdown. 


His response was that as I am now 2 years from diagnosis and I had chemo and rads my risk of secondary is minimal 3 % and would be more likely to be a new primary 10-15%. IF it came back at all. He also told me he was happy to do the tamoxifen intermittently or 1 tablet every other day. I told him my gp had suggested half dose each day and he said that was not as good as 1 every other.


at the moment I have not taken tamoxifen since 27 April. I feel like I am playing Russian roulette but I accept my decision and my body feels better.


Hope this helps.


hi Dely, I am ok been a tough few months trying to get back to work full time but I started tam in Feb and that upset everything, but from the above you can see I have decided not tot take it and have a better quality of life .


hubby is now 3 years from his bowel cancer surgery and he goes July for his annual check up with surgeon so fingers crossed ?.  


Hope me you are ok too - have been reading your posts. Xxxx

Hi Annie,Bondgirl and Marmaris.

Bondgirl - that must be REALLY TOUGH, you and your hubby both having to deal with blasted C. I’m touched you’re keeping in touch with my posts. I’m back in a massive downer, could feel myself slipping back down after a series of “unnecessary” stresses. What’s up with people and the world. Think I have Bi-Polar - follows a pattern over a no. of years. Try and get over one thing then another follows shortly after before I’ve got back on my feet - just pushes me down further.

So what probs are you feeling Tamoxifen is producing with you?? You mentioned “meltdown”. Are you talking depression, as I felt with it.

Back on a lighter note, I’ve asked you before - which Bondgirl do you liken yourself to?? Or is it that your surname is BOND?? x


Marmaris - This five year checks bizz - dunno. It may be that they just want you to feel some security in follow ups, and for you to feel that you’re still on radar so to speak. I had a second primary found in my remaining breast 9 mnths following my first mast. Found a group of cyst like lumps, outer edge of breast going into underarm. I am NOT wishing to scaremonger, BUT do wish you and everyone to be aware and vigilant. Those cysts were wrongly dismissed as “nothing to worry about” by the ultrasound radiographer. Fortunately, my consultant was suspicious and a core biopsy revealed another tumour beneath the cyst group - resulting in my second mast.

My first tumour was acted on immediately by a fantastic lady GP I had then - was seen within 3 days due to her dilligence and that second by a conscientious consultant. Hope all of you receive the same.

Loadsa love

Doolally xxx