What did you wear into hospital on day of surgery?

I have surgery tomorrow and wondered what people wore into hospital?

Thinking should go in wearing new pair button up Pjs or normal clothes as be more to carry out if discharged and in pjs. 

I wore the same loose comfortable trousers and a button up shirt to and from the hospital. I took PJ’S with me but on the day of the op I was in the hospital gown until the following morning when I put my clothes on to go home - so didn’t use the PJ’S. I did need a dressing gown and slippers to wear down to theatre and used the dressing gown as an extra blanket at night. 

Mel Jogging bottoms, zip front cardi and zip front hoodie, nothing over the head also simple slip on shoes and wear flip flops or sliders for after you are in gown  Relax and remember your team have done lots of procedures before Let us now when you can your through You’ve got everyone at breast cancer now :two_women_holding_hands: with you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx