What did your lump feel like?

Hello, I was just wanting to hear what other people’s lumps felt like and what they turned out to be. I found a lump two weeks ago painless, hard and moveable. Ive had a doctors appointment who referred me to the breast clinic and had a breast exam, ultrasound and core biopsy. The core biopsy made me really ill for about a week after (being sick , terrible chest pain and back pain etc) and since then I’ve been getting shooting pains in my breast with the lump. I just wanted to hear some other people’s stories while I wait for my biopsy results which I have an appointment to get on the 17th of October. I’m 24 and fit and healthy so I’m sure it will be nothing but there is always a little bit of doubt! Thanks x

Hi Sophie, I am sorry you have this worry and I just wanted to share with you a similar situation my 26 year old daughter in law went through recently. She actually found a lump 3 weeks before their wedding and had a biopsy the week before and results the week after so a pretty stressful time all round but we dug deep and enjoyed the occasion regardless. 

Thankfully all was well and it was a benign Fibrodenema, it was also hard, round and moveable and although I can’t tell you for certain this is what yours is but it’s much more likely to be something like that than it isn’t cancer. Please let us know how you get on Xx Jo