What do skin mets look like?

I have some white lumps on the surface of my mx/clearance scar and am a bit worried.

On Friday I’m having a rogue lymph node removed which or may not be cancerous. It’s just next to the end of the scar where the white lumps are. My pathology is that there was extracapsular spread from the affected nodes with several areas of spread to soft tissue.

I haven’t asked any medics about the lumps but expect I’ll find out after this surgery what they are. Just wondering if those with experience could tell me how skin mets present?



Jane, sorry to read your post, you must be really worried again. I have no experience of this but just want to send you my support


Hiya jane
really sorry to hear about your concerns. You may have read about my current problems with skin mets. The thing with them is they can present quite differently on different people. I flagged my concerns up when all I had was a reddish patch about the size of a 10p but but noone was concerned. By the next wk, a few hard lumps had appeared so I went back to clinic. Another surgeon put me on anti b’s and I saw him the next wk and even though the rash had worsened, I was sent away yet again. I saw my onc the week after who wasn’t concerned either but I convinced her to arrange a biopsy + the rest is history. Sadly for me, if it was dealt with at tge first appt when it was a red patch, it probably wudv been at the pre cancerous stage.
Have you googled for some skin met images? I did and the results were quite varied. The lumps I had were a few mm each + very hard against my expander implant. They almost felt like insect bites. The area of redness grew and the lumps tracked across my mx scar + down the breast. The only way to find out if they are mets is to DEMAND a punch biopsy. They are best caught early- mine spread like wildfire + by the time I had my op, 22cm of skin was affected. Just wish I had been more assertive myself :frowning:
let us know how you get on with your tests this week. All the best
tina x