What do skin mets look like?

Hi Ladies,

can anyone advise me please? i’ve been saying to OH for a wee while now that i’ve got 2 spots on my mx breast. 1 about an inch above my scar line and the other nearer my underarm. OH is convinced they’re normal spots caused by the amount of oil i’m using over the expander implant. I’m starting to play out a scenario where i go into hospital in 3weeks time to have the implant changed over and they tell me i’ve got skin mets! After complaining to OH one last time he said d’you know what skin mets look like - hence the post.

Much appreciated


Scary to do, but google skin metastases and click on images. You’ll see the full range.

I did the same recently and realised I was OK after all. :slight_smile:

Hi Lyn

Sorry can’t help with personal experience of skin mets, but have you tried ‘google images’? You should get them checked out anyway, but seeing examples that are different to yours may put your mind at rest. Although I think they can take different forms.

I only suggest this because I had a strange blister type spot on my breast, but when I googled it, it looked very different to the images I saw (and it disappeared a week later!)

Hope yours disappear shortly too! - or turn out to be entirely harmless.

Lynn, when is your pre-op, maybe your BCN can have a look for you then? Otherwise there are images if you google: images of breast cancer skin mets
These worries are just plain awful, aren’t they? Big hug! X

Hi Lynn
I’ve had a really bad case of skin mets + would advise u to defo get any concerns checked. Ask 4a biopsy to be sure if you are worried. BUT to reassure u, your spots don’t sound anything like my experience. They tens to start around the mx scar. Sometimes starting as redening then in my case, a prominent rash like appearance that spread quickly above, below+ along scarline. The lumps were rock solid against my expander + were not like pimples. they also cluster- it’s unlikely they would be sporadic.I knew mine were skin mets but by bcn + surgeon dismissed them for weeks. It was only once I saw my onc + insisted on a biopsy that mets were confirmed. By the time I had my op, a piece of skin 22cms had to be removed- if only they’d biopsied it as soon as I expressed concern when it was a tiny red patch…
Hope my experience has reassured u a bit
good luck with ur recon
tina x

Thanks Ladies - i did take a look at the images as you suggested and the spots i have don’t look like the ones i saw, although i get that there can be quite a variety in appearance. Ta