What do you ladies think about this?

Some while back a ( female senior) colleague posted the term ‘Lumpy Jumpers’ in my work place community chat function. She wasn’t specially referring to breast cancer (more her perception of sex-discrimination) but I was pretty upset by the term, regardless. 
Sparing all the details but interested to know if any you find the term ‘Lumpy Jumpers’ used in the setting of the workplace by a senior manager who is not exactly ignorant of the existence of of breast cancer offensive. Or not. 

HI - maybe I’m too out of touch but I didnt understand what the phrase ‘Lumpy Jumpers’ means , so checked the urban dictionary.

 I think some context of the sentences are needed to fully understand quite what point she was making otherwise its hard to know if its used in an offensive way or not - was she arguing against sex descrimination ? Used in an offensive way or not - I dont like the term, the same as if there was one for ‘lumpy trousers’ - but just because it screams of immature stereotyping and sexism. I think any and all gender based comments, about the physical body, obviously have the potential to remind individuals of difficult experiences or some ‘loss’ in that area of referred to. I can see why if you had had a mastectomy it would make you uneasy and uncomfortable. However, I would doubt that someone who said it would consider thinking into BC territory when using this phrase. Its an interesting point you raise though, and I’d be interested to hear any more information on the details/context…