Hi All
I hope you are all doing ok today, I felt I needed to post as I cannot believe what a roller coaster of a year this has been.

I was dx last November and had a lumpectomy and nodes taken. Lymph all clear, but needed mastectomy just to make sure on clearance…

Started 6 FEC’s in march and was diagnosed with blood clots on my lungs in April.
So put on warfarin and struggle to breathe most days!!!

This makes me unable to have tamoxifen(not such a bad thing) so am now on zoladex injections. Before starting them I told my onc that I was having hot sweats and hadn’t had a period since may. A blood test confirmed that chemo has started me through the change!!! Now I have the threat of osteoporosis as this runs in my family.

I had told my onc numerous times about pain I keep getting around my right rib area (opposite side to surgery)and have had it since July. After telling and telling them they finally requested an ultrasound scan for me. That was today!!!

I have been informed I have gallstones and will have to have them removed along with my gallbladder!!!

All of this on top of fibromyalgia and spondylosis!!!

I don’t know what else I can get, but I am only 35 and feel about 80!!!

Sorry for the moan, just needed to get it off my chest Ha Ha

Take care


You moan all you want Angie. I have a wonderful “hug” smilie but this site won’t let me post it so you can pretend it got to you.


Oh Angie, what a time you’ve had, i do hope you start to feel something like soon, don’t us women go through it??

lots of love and hugs


Bl**dy hell Angie!!

What an absolute nightmare for you!!! I am the same age as you and I’ve gotta say I really feel for you. Its almost like someone is trying to see just how much sh*t you can take!

Don’t know what else to say really, except sending you a ‘cyber hug’ ((((((((((o)))))))))) and wishing you well for your forthcoming gall bladder op,

Take care,


Thanks Girls

I have got my head around it a little better now.

I don’t want to live with the pain, so my only choice is to have it done, and compared to the ops I have had I am sure it will be a walk in the park!!!

What I am dreading most is telling my kids that I have got to have another op.
I know people say kids are resilient(!) but I see what they have been through already, and at the age of 10 & 7 I think they have more than their fair share of crap to deal with.
They see that my hair is growing again and no more chemo and they think I am better(I WISH)

I really really really cannot wait to see the back end of this year, as on top of everything, my dad has been poorly with kidney stones and mum and dad have been flooded in June and are in rented accommodation.

I have a bottle of champers in the fridge that hubby bought me for my birthday, and intended to crack it open when chemo finished in June, but there has just never been the right time to do it. Will it ever come???

There I go moaning again…

Take care


Seems to me you have plenty to moan about Angie. It just seems sometime that some people cop the lot . You still sound positive and with the support of your OH and the kids you will get there, even though it must seem like a a long, long road.
Although you feel you don’t have much to celebrate, why not pop the champers and make a toast to new beginnings, you WILL get there and the bubbly might cheer you both up.

Good luck and much love

i agree, pop open the champers now - my onc told me that champagne was very good for those going through treatment and I took her at her word and had great fun drinking pink chamoers after every chemo session.


Ditto to what angie & normski have said,

get the champers open and get supping!!! Besides, it’ll give you an excuse to buy another bottle!


Hi Angie. Sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time of it. I too develeoped gallstones and had gallbladder removed 4 months after finishing chemo. It was done with keyhole surgery, only overnight stay in hospital, and it was not too bad at all. Took about 4 weeks to heal up - I was very badly bruised - but would say completely back to normal after 8 weeks. Now don’t know I’ve had it done, scars have completely disapeared - no more nausea and bowel problems have also improved. Sems yet another side effect they don’t tell you about!! when having chemo/taking tamoxifen and/or Arimidex. You just have to be a little careful not to eat too many ‘fatty’ foods, as they are difficult to digest once the gallbladder is gone, but that’s not such a bad thing anyway!

Have that champagne and loads of virtual hugs.

As regards the osteoporosis in your family. My family have it too and I developed it despite starting HRT ASAP after menopause. I, my mum & my aunt all take alendronic acid (fosamax) once a week, and scans have shown that it has measurably improved my bone density. I’d suggest that (when things settle down) you get your bones checked and then regularly monitored.
Best of luck!

Oh Angie, you poor thing, that’s awful for you and I really do feel for you. Echo everything the others have said. Lots of love and hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((A))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Nikki / Angel

Morning Ladies

Thanks for all your replies.
I had a really bad time of it yesterday with the pain and at one point I was ready to be taken to hospital, but within an hour it had past and I was cooking tea!!!

I asked my onc if I could have a bone density scan as then they would know what my levels of density are, and then can check again in a few years.

He said my hospital don’t do it so I would have to go to Sheffield or Bassetlaw hospital, but this could take upto 6 months to do as it comes down to funding!!!

Right thats me done…I’m going to sit in front of the fan as I am having a hot flush…

Take care