What happens after 5 years post diagnosis?

I was diagnosed May 2005 with grade 2 BC and 2 nodes affected. Had mastectomy, chemo and radio and started taking tamoxifen Nov 2005. Had quite a lot of hot flushes to start with but these gradually subsided and now just get them occasionally. I think I had assumed that once I got to 5 years I would be taken off tamoxifen but now I am not sure what will happen. I had my check up with my oncologist on Monday and she said continue taking tamoxifen this year but this time next year we will have to decide what to do. As my cancer was large and in the nodes and quite strongly progesterone positive it was important to do something to try and ensure the cancer doesn’t come back (I agreed !!!). The problem seems to be not knowing whether I am/will be post menopausal and suggested either having injections to stop my ovaries working or to make sure they couldn’t cause problems have them removed. I obviously don’t want cancer back but now don’t know how long treatment needs to continue. Has anyone else been through something similar ? I’m 49.

Bumping this up,would like to know the answer myself.

Hi Girls, I don’t really have a full answer for you but when I first got diagnosed the Consultants thought my tumour was not hormone receptive. Ten years later they took a sample of my original tumour ( I didn’t know they kept it in a lab in Glasgow) and with the new research coming on…they found 10 years on that it was slightly hormone receptive, the tests had been improved. I was on tamoxofin, then another one I cannot recall name of, and for 5/6 years have been on arimidex. I just take the advice of my Consultant Oncologist and if she says I need to be on it, I do just that. When I am on chemo ( I am just now) I have to stop the Arimidex but will be happy to go on it again if it helps keep the cancer under control. Not the whole answer to your question, but hope it may help a little, love Val (Scottishlass) X

I was dx jan 04, had WLE, chemo, Rads and Tamoxifen, I finished my 5 years of Tamoxifen in May this year, I discussed my further options with BCN…as I am not post-menopausal…couldn’t have Arimidex {aptly}…have had hysterectomy 10years ago but still have ovaries…was told ovarian abalation wasn’t neccessary…and that my hormone levels were obviously false due to Tamoxifen…whilst taking it none of blood tests for hormone levels had shown menopausal…being ER+ obviously I was/am worried about Oestrogen rise…had blood test a few weeks ago…showed rise in FSH…to 44 which aptly shows menopausal…also a rise in Oestrodil to 63 which I was concerned about but was assured this would reduce…will be keeping an eye on it though.

I think the options after 5 years are dependent on your case history…what your pathology report states etc.,

My tumour was 12mm but grade 3.

I must admit I do feel abit out on a limb having no further treatment options…but I guess at least being ER+ gave me Tamoxifen for 5 years unlike triple negative patients who have no further options.

I would seriously discuss everything in depth with your medical team, stating your concerns etc.,