What happens after five year checks end, to mastectomy side?

I’ve been wondering if anyone knows what happens after the five years of breast checks is over. I only have one breast which I  know will be checked in a mammogram every three years. But what happens to the mastectomy side. The mobile mammogram van won’t check that side, so will it be  left for me to check it? After all, that is the side I had cancer in, and if I have a recurrence, that’s where it will be. Is there anyone in my position who has finished their 5 years of checks who can tell me?


poemsgalore xx

I am in the same position as you poems galore, we have no checks after 5 years on the masectomy side although I am on a trial so there may be checks although the breast cancer nurse was unsure. If we are still on hormone drugs and they extend anastrole to 10 years I would have thought we would have to be seen. I intend to see what is on offer if I get to that point and would seriously think about paying for a yearly private examination. According to the research I have read half of recurrances come back after the 5 year mark. I have a friend who is 8 years and still having yearly check ups and mammogrammes she is also still on anastrole but at a different hospital to me - let me know if you find anything out.