What happens at post op assessment

I had surgery on my right breast to remove lump, and reduce breast. Surgery went smoothly I believe but coming round from anesthetic was really horrible and I was one of the last out of the recovery room. I desperately wanted to pee but my bladder wouldn’t work. And every time I moved my head I threw up. 

There was some leakage and had to have dressings redone in the night. Was so very glad I asked to stay overnight. 

Still suffering from dizziness problems leading to feeling nauseous. Also horrible constipation despite many laxatives, which I’ve consulted with the GP for. I need to take even more laxatives. 

I go in for post op on Wednesday. Anyone know What can I expect to happen there?

Wishing you all the best. 

HI Jan

I hope everything is starting to resolve for you now ? Its always quite strange how the GA (and any other drugs they use for pain) affect people so differently.

I didn’t have something called a ‘post op’, close to the surgery time, how long ago was your surgery ? I had a return visit for results of the tumour about 2 weeks later I think, and they had a quick check of the surgery site and under the arm - although by this point I’d removed dressings myself etc. It could be that your team are already expecting they will have the results from Histology dept and want to talk you through the stats from those, and if that will mean any changes to your ongoing treatment plan. Sometimes there are differences in the results from the full tumour Histology compared to the biopsy and imaging and they would update you on that. OR they may just be doing a routine check-up on your surgery area, and haven’t got the results yet from pathology ? They will want to know how things have gone for you after the surgery, how exercises are going - so its the time to fill them in on any post-op problems. You have had a slightly more complex surgery than just a lumpectomy, with the reduction, so checking up on the healing and that everything is as expected is important. Sometimes different hospital trusts have slightly different processes, and it could even be that they are taking an extra look at you because you had some problems right after the surgery and had the reduction. There we go, there are some possibilities and no definite answer :slightly_smiling_face: