What happens at pre-op checks?

I’ve been asked to go for pre-op assessment(2 hours)before reconstruction later and wondered what exactly it will entail.Before my WLE I had blood test, blood pressure, ecg etc Will it be like that or something different. Any info welcome. Thanks

I think it will be just the same as your previous operation, and to make sure you fully understand the operation and to ask if you have any questions about it.
Good Luck
Sandra xxx

My pre-op was a week before the recon. It was done by a nurse, and included blood tests, blood pressure, and lots of questions about my medical history. I also had a chest x-ray

I am having my MX and recon on 6th July and had my pre-op yesterday. Blood tests, photos, ECG, MRSA swabs, blood pressure, weight and questions about medical history. Nothing to worry about.