what happens now

what is the normal follow up following mx chemo, and rads,
how will i know if the cancer comes back somewhere else? i know these are questions i should ask my medical team and i dont know why i havent, will i be offered scans or something to check the rest of my body or is it just assumed that the chemo has killed any cancer cells off, how do i have a mammogram when i dont have a breast there?

honestly the answers are probably so obvious, i am getting really stressed out at not knowing what happens once i have completed my treatment.

love lizxxx

At my hospital they give you a mammogram on the unaffected breast once a year and see you in the clinic twice a year (not sure how many years this goes on for).

At the clinic appointmernt they examine the mastectomy site, under arms and neck and ‘sound’ your chest.They also ask how you are getting on with your Tamoxifen/Arimidex or whatever.

I think BCC may have a factsheet on here somewhere on this but wouldn’t have a clue where to find it.

Hey Liz.

This is another obvious one for the helpline to answer, so give them a ring in the morning.

Have you had a bilateral mastectomy? If not, then the mammo will obviously be looking at the other side.

hi choccieMuffin,

i have had mx left side, and i have asked for mx right side, surgeon has agreed to do for me (i have a history) had my last chemo 29th april and due to start rads 9th june once i have finished rads he will perform the surgery.

i will give the helpline a ring cheers for that liz xxx

Hi Liz,

BCC has a really good resource pack that answers a lot of your questions. I just got mine a few days ago and it’s been really helpful.

If you go the website’s home page and scroll down the bottom you can see a link to it.

Nymeria x