What happens when you stop chemo?

I am currently on paclitaxel for unstable secondaries in my liver. I have had 9 sessions & discovered after my scan that the chemo has stabilised it. I am now due 9 more sessions. Considering the last 2 treatments had no effect and indeed the lesions continued to grow, I was happy to hear that things were currently stable.  However I am wondering if anyones cancer has remained stable for sometime once the chemo stops? 

Hello WMJ,

Are you able to have a Targeted Treatment after the Paxlitaxel or are you Triple Negative? Have you chatted to your Consultant at all?

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Angel Eyes 


So pleased your scan was stable. I had a discussion with my consultant about what happens if you are on IV chemo. He said that at my hospital the Paclitaxel is usually 20 rounds and if stable at the end then possible to go back to a hormonal. I know from the American forums that the oncologists there switch between chemo and hormone treatment all the time. It gives the body a rest and helps to confuse the cancer.

enjoy the stable scan results

love Debs